Alone Again (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Alone Again (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 06 March 2016
Location: Hannah's Dorm Room
Synopsis: Haruna hasn't felt this way since her sister was gone...
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa
Tinyplot: White Out

Haruna Kurosawa cried the entire night in Hannah's mostly empty apartment. Boris was there. That was expected. Boris could feel what happened and didn't like it much either and was perturbed by what Haruna described. When she got scared, Boris insisted that since he was okay, that meant Hannah was going to be okay. It eased her mind a little.

She hoped that Hannah would return home for... anything. Something. Then she could ambush her or something! But that moment never came and seemed to be less and less likely....

Haruna was shocked to learn that Hannah's contingency with WPS was that she was in charge for the time being. Did Hannah think that highly of her? Well.. of course she did--- 'You can do it!' she'd said time and time again, she wouldn't had bothered with her if she knew she couldn't do it or the things she wanted. Hannah had said as much herself... when she started teaching her kickboxing... when she gave her the special locket she wore.

-- but ugh. She wasn't cut out for running a place like this. Not long term. She'd need help. She'd have to bug Riventon. She didn't /like/ bugging Riventon- he was a busy man- and besides, what incentive did he have to help her? Well.. he was Hannah's friend. Right? He knew somewhere in that man he cared about /something/.

Nrg, that oppressiveness in the air. She decided to open the curtains over the windows. Hannah never had much reason to do that for obvious reasons. She had a nice high view of the city. Then she went to the fridge. TV Dinner... TV Dinner... fresh stuff... and the tupperware of Brunswick Stew she'd made for Hannah the other day. She sighed and pulled out a package of meat. She'd need to buy a few things.. maybe if she asks Aki...

Haruna face palmed in surprise- Oh god Aki. She hadn't told her anything yet. Oh lord. Aki is going to frown so hard. She could already hear the 'told you so'. She'd still have to talk to her. She deserved to know. She knew she'd support her in the end. If she's lucky, Corvus has already told her what happened in gentler terms.

Burgers made, she sat down and placed a plate down for Boris-kun. If she was cooking, Boris was eating. She may as well spoil the husky rotten while she was here. It made her feel better.

Just a little bit.