Apologies (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Apologies (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 10 June 2016
Location: Aki's Infinity Dorm
Synopsis: Haruna comes to make up with her sister almost a year after all this magic intruded into her life.
Thanks to: MahouMUSH~
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna remembers it still. It was just over a year ago.

She was forced to go onto a field trip to the museum in Penguin Park. She didn't want to. She remained at the back of the bus, in the back of the group. No one bugged her- she was the weird quiet girl with the black feather hairclip that would snap at people if they tried to interact with her. Embarrassingly antisocial.

She'd been surprised, when the shadowy raven poked it's head out of the tablet. It promised her a wish in it's hypnotic rhyme. Something it couldn't actually do--- a trick- and it made her take some sort of ritual oath. She was called Scorn. She stole souls- to try to free it so it could grant her wish--- wish her supposedly dead sister back. Something she wanted more than anything.

Then people stopped her- and it was the first time she felt like anyone actually cared about her since she saw her sister alive. --and then she was taken away anyways by the Dark Kingdom and wound up like a tin soldier and set back on the world. Then those people stopped her again-- and they gave her hope so she could save herself.

It's strange, but Haruna knows if she got a do over... she'd do it all over again (Even if it was morbid to think about it like that.). It was horrible, yes. But she met so many people she considered friends- and she met someone who'd become so important to her.... many things she'd only dreamed of years before.

It was with these thoughts that she stood in front of her sister's dorm room- the same one they'd shared not just but a month ago. She took a deep hard breath. She had to try to make this right to some degree. She knocked once.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming." came from behind the door. It opened a moment. There stood Aki Kurosawa. She blinked her eyes once. Frowned and then tried to close the door.

Well. That could had gone better Haruna thought. She shot out her arms to catch the door. "W--wait! Please just hear me out Aki-chan!" she whined.

Aki sighed a bit. "Fine, but this better not be the same things you've told me last time." she said as she hesitantly opened the door and ushered Haruna in. Haruna followed in easily enough, she looked around. Nothing changed in the room. Still the two beds. She found something comforting about it- that not much had been changed. Her bed was exactly as she'd left it as she turned around to Aki. "It's been a year Aki... s-since I did a lot of stupid things." she says. "I did a lot of stupid things trying to bring you back." she says.

Aki Kurosawa pursed her lips in thought then shook her head. "Yeah, Corvus told me the whole story before. It's been a year, really?" she asked. "Yeah..." she muttered finally trailing off. Then Haruna seemed to drift off a moment, before she spoke.. "Aki. Why did you become a Pretty Cure?" she asks. It's not a question Haruna had asked before. She never really thought to.

Aki blinked a bit, perhaps caught off guard. She looked down and back up. "Do you remember Arita-chan?" she asks. Haruna had to narrow her eyes a bit and think back, oh! She remembered. "Ari-chan!" she says. "I remember. I remember you were sad for a while, because she got accepted into that transfer program and had to leave for a long time..." she said.

Aki nodded a lot. "Well. She told me the news, at the Takoyaki Stand, you know, the one down by the beach? But back then it didn't have the permanent place it does now. It moved a lot. Anyways..." she paused. "She was so happy. She'd worked hard to get into it you know? and I was really upset- though too. But then.. well. That jerk showed up. You know, Oresky." she said leaning back with a sigh. "It was kinda surreal at first you know? Weird guy shows up, starts spouting about how HE deserves that number one spot because he's number one and he hates you're happy about it... then he did the Terribad summoning thing. On Arita." she mutters.

"I was upset. I remember wanting to desperately help-- But.. remember. That bauble I found on the beach a week earlier? You know- the one we claimed was a good luck charm when I found it? Yeah. That thing turned became a mirror and the cards. I kicked that things butt and saved Ari and everything. Then I met Blue later that night. Remember when I suddenly locked you out of my room that same night? Yeah...." she says.

Haruna had to think, yeah... she remembered that. She wanted to make plans with Aki but the door was suddenly locked. Then Aki made a really lame excuse about doing her hair. She remembers being confused for a few hours, but that's about it. "..but then Ari-chan had to go anyways." she says softly. Aki nodded. "Yeah. I started writing to her again though! She was really happy when it turned out I wasn't dead! She was really sad when the news got to her about the fire..." she says. Haruna looked down. "...my fault. I'm sorry. I had to let her know.. n' everything..."

Aki shook her head. "No.. it's fine." she said with a sigh. Haruna just crossed her arms, it was awkward. "Aki. I'm sorry." Haruna finally said.

"When you were gone... I felt really bad. And I was willing to do a lot of bad things after two years to make those feelings go away. I got better. With lots of help." she says softly. "Lots and lots of help!" she says. "...n' I got over my shyness well. Mostly. N' I met someone special.. and you weren't even here for any of it..." she says softly.

Aki sighed and crossed her arms. "Just..." she says. "Fine... I'll admit it. When you guys saved me... it'd like. I felt like I wasn't needed..." she admits finally. "I was working so hard, before all this, to help make things better for you-- to help you make friends besides me and get you interested in things besides books or TV alone in your room and keeping away from people overall..." she says. ".... and when I woke up. It's like. All that was fixed magically from my view. I go to a help setup a school dance-- I passout saving people-- I wake up two years later and it's like anything I was doing to help before didn't matter." Aki said quietly.

Haruna just took Aki's hand. "...I know you probably don't want to hear this now. Considering... But." she says. "Hannah told me something, before we started dating, and it's a really important thing." she says. "She said, 'We're not diamonds'." she says. "It means no one's perfect! No one's really super sparkly and we all have our faults- and make mistakes and sometimes things just go wrong and there's nothing you can do." she insists.

"But..." Haruna said, as she squeeze Aki's hand tighter. "You matter a lot, Aki! I did lots of bad things just wanting to see you again. Just to have you back! I- and lots of other people risked their lives to have you back!" she says. "...and... and....". Haruna was close to another breakdown. She had to take a breath.

"Haruna." Aki said as comfortingly as she could. Her voice still. "Look... I'll admit it." she says quietly. "....I was upset. At Hannah. Because she apparently helped you more than I ever did." she says. "I mean. I still don't think she's a good influence." she also added. "But. Ya know? I spent years.. trying to get you out of your shell like... this." she says. "Like a beach clam. And she cracks you open in what, a few months?" she said sheepishly.

Haruna shook her head. "Aki...it wasn't that you were bad at that stuff. Just. Hannah has... this way with people. Like she has another friend who was like me, quiet n' stuff before she met her. It wasn't just her either. It was lots of other people-- over there... n' over in Virtue n' all around." she says. "I had to learn how to just talk to people and I still am shy. Just. I know I won't die of embarrassment." she insists.

Aki tapped her chin. "Ya know. I wonder if we'd still be sitting here having the same discussion if that 'smoldering hot evil guy' fell for you. What was his name? Riven----" Aki was immediately cut off by the sound of a pillow being slapped in her face. "H-hey!" Haruna huffed. "He's just a friend of sorts..." a pause. "---and hot. But a friend!" she insisted. "Ya know. Like Mamoru!".

Aki crossed her arms. "Uh-huh." she said with a knowing smirk despite the pillow in the face she just got.

Haruna just sighed a little, defeated. "Look just. I'm here. To say I'm sorry. About the fight. n' stuff." she muttered. "I'm trying to apologize to everyone. I still don't agree with some things. I'm not crawling on my hands and knees to Tadase but I'm going to apologize to him anyways." she dug her hands into the bed below her. "Just. I'm not... going to change who I am- and if people don't like that, then I dunno." she said silently.

Aki Kurosawa could just sigh and then reached out to hug Haruna. "Look. I forgive you, okay. I'm still a little worried about Hannah. I know she's important to you, but... look, I guess my problems with her are just that then. My problems. I won't make them your problems anymore unless they become that... okay?" she said. Haurna nodded. "Okay... I guess that's fair. I can't change your mind." she admits softly. "I just want to see you again... and be able to visit and... and..."

Aki shushed Haruna before she got into another stammer. "So. You need help getting your things back home then?" she asks. Haruna shook her head. "I'll need to talk to Hannah first before I move back Aki." she said sheepishly. Aki merely nodded, keeping her emotions in check about the subject best she could. "Alright then." she said softly.

"But um.. can I ask one favor? Before you go?" Aki asked with wide eyes. Haruna blinked. "Sure...? I mean, of course!"

"Can you please cook before you go!? /I'm so tired of take-out/." Aki said with wide, pleading eyes.