Appreciation (Lacrima)

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Appreciation (Lacrima)
Date of Cutscene: 19 July 2017
Location: Lacrima's Manor
Synopsis: Lacrima gets a delivery of donuts.
Thanks to: Kunzite
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Lacrima always came to the manor a few times during the day. She kept things there she couldn’t keep at home. Sometimes she had packages delivered there instead of home- because her brother was snoopy. Not that it mattered right now, on that part- with her running away from home again.

This morning found a white box from the bakery that’d she’d come accustomed to find there after altercations where she had trouble, where Kunzite was involved. Donuts helped comfort her. Kunzite knew that. He’d offered. She’d accepted. It wasn’t odd.

What was odd was the fact that she couldn’t remember such a recent affair. Did something happen and she wasn’t aware? It almost made her panic. But. Surely Kunzite would had realized where she not herself? She calmed down a little. It was something else. Probably. Maybe he just felt like like it. She'd text Kunzite later.

Regardless, she leaned down to pick up the box and unfold the note on it to read it.

You are more appreciated than you know. - K.

Lacrima merely blinked a bit. “Huh...” she muttered a bit as she whisked the box inside. Maybe this would be a good morning after all.