Approved and Banned Themes

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We get many requests about some themes that may be apped on MahouMUSH, and this list serves as a place to tell you which themes have passed muster, and which ones have not. It's a good idea to check this list before asking if your theme you wish to app, is appable.

Approved Themes

Themes that can be apped, with appropriate integration for MahouMUSH.

  • Yuki Yuna Is a Hero - Integrated!
  • Pretear
  • Tokyo Mew Mew

Banned Themes

Themes you can't app for reasons such as rating or generally not being Mahou Shoujo in feel. If the description says we'll reconsider it at a later time, then feel free to ask for a reconsideration of it. Otherwise, please do not ask us to reconsider a theme otherwise- it's very unlikely our decision has changed on the matter.

  • Steven Universe: While it touches on mahou concepts sometimes, it misses some important marks with emotional connections sometimes, while going all out other times- and seems more like a galactic space odyssey at times at it's core. Besides that, the MAJOR issue isn't adaption, it's the fact it is an active continuing series, and the seasons are not self contained. When it ends, we'll definitely reconsider SU when we can see the whole picture.
  • Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: The main problem with this theme is that it's a current continuing series. Besides that, it definitely feels like a lighthearted comedic send up to 'Princess Quest' themed Mahou Shoujo shows and we'd be willing to listen to a theme pitch once the series ends if it stays that way.
  • Cutie Honey: No. This breaks a lot of ratings all over. Cutie Honey (all versions of it.) will not pass our rating guidelines. This includes the 'friendlier' Cutie Honey Flash. Some set pieces from this series have been lifted and approved for use separately, however, such as Eclipse's Dark Magic Henchmen. (Panthers.)
  • Juebi-Chan, The Ninja Girl: Boobs are not an appropriate magical focus. See rating guidelines.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Overall, see rating guidelines and while an important Shoujo show, isn't really Mahou Shoujo enough for application when combined with the overall skeeviness of some of the plot. You are welcome to try to app an OC theme with similar trappings, but without the skeeviness if you wish.
  • Kill la Kill: Rating issues that can be seen from three miles away and possibly from space. As well, overall, hard to adapt into MahouMUSH's general theme and tone.
  • Iczer Girl Iczelion: Some small rating issues that could be fixed. But besides that, is definitely more of a Mecha-suit Show than anything Mahou Shoujo.
  • Is This A Zombie?: Lots of rating and respect issues. Comes off as more of an occult harem show with magical girl mixed in.
  • Devil Hunter Yohko: Rating issues involving the overuse of nudity. Even when you remove the nudity, you have a lot of sex jokes and references that large portion of the show rely on at times. Not something we'd want to potentially deal with on MahouMUSH.