Bad Omens (Eclipse, Kyubey)

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Bad Omens (Eclipse, Kyubey)
Date of Cutscene: 10 April 2016
Location: Undisclosed Location
Synopsis: Two members of Eclipse and Kyubey share a conversation.
Cast of Characters:  ???
Tinyplot: ???

"It's just like you humans..." Kyubey continued, rising from it's catlike seating position and pacing between the two figures " think that everything that poses a threat to your species is evil or malevolent. I find it especially ironic given your organization's proficient use of what you call Dark Energy." it muses.

"But it's not a malicious force. It's not even sentient. It's just a law of nature. A law of balance. It exists to balance out the reality that some humans have created, have changed. And what balances out hope but despair? What balances out joy, but sorrow? That is what it brings."

One of the figures leans forward, and in a gruff voice, he questions the little white ratlike creature. "You keep talking in present tense. But this is all in the past. That doesn't add up." The strange creature stares at the figure, red eyes unblinking, body unbreathing and still. It doesn't respond.

The last figure leans forward now, too, regarding the alien creature. "You see, it's times like this, combined with the rumors I've heard, that makes me think you might not have humanity's best interests at heart. Or whatever passes for a heart." he muses, "It's very suspicious."

The little white creature turns to face the most recent speaker of the two. "Ah, but that's not a fair standard. I'm not human. And..." those unblinking red eyes focus on him. "'re not really either. More to the point, I don't think you always act in humanity's best interests - either of you. And I can tell you that the things that I do are at least to the benefit of your race, even if you don't always see it that way, due to a rather silly focus on individuals over the good of the whole species."

"In any case, I didn't have to give you two this information - you don't have any leverage on me. This body doesn't even have any value. It's just one of many spares." Kyubey states plainly. "But I think we could be mutually beneficial to each other. For instance, I know you're currently seeking out a certain book - and I know why. And it would be bad for all parties concerned if we didn't get it back. So why don't I see if I can get my charges to help you. They can be a bit... unpredictable, but I need this universe to stay in one piece too - and so do they. Then maybe after that, we can talk about some other cooperations."

"Help us get the book back, then we'll talk more." the gruff man says, as the three seperate.