Bad Tidings (Eclipse, Kyubey)

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Bad Tidings (Eclipse, Kyubey)
Date of Cutscene: 04 April 2016
Location: Eclipse Headquarters
Synopsis: Eclipse has a board meeting, and that meeting has more than one uninvited observer.
Cast of Characters:  ???
Tinyplot: ???

Inside a dark boardroom at the top of a massive skyscraper in Mitakihara, the board that oversees Eclipse meets. Magical shadows blanket the room as much as the lack of normal light, rendering the shapes of the council indistinct and changing, only voices to be heard to sort out one from another. The meeting is already in session.

"... means that the divison's profitability is down only slightly despite the destruction witnessed in Mitakihara recently."


"There is a matter of concern, however, within some of the new territory we acquired when the real estate was cheap, near what might be considered ground zero. We have begun to lose workers near a specific site."

"...define lose. It's a common construction project according to these notes. No supernatural or magical encounters expected. These are just normal workers."

"While preliminary scans showed no energy different than the rest of Tokyo, workers near the site, both construction and security, have begun to report strange occurances on the site and feelings of general discomfort. Additionally, those who have been on site longer begin to experience nightmares preventing them from getting proper sleep. Lastly, there have been three suicides over the last month on-site. The workers claim the place is cursed. More recent energy readings have been... erratic."

"Negative energy?"

"No. Energy unlike any we have seen before. Nothing matches up."

"...Continue the construction work, but also continue to monitor the site. Re-assign personnel considered valuable, or potentially so, away from the site."

"Should we assign one of the subdiaries or divisons to investigate?"

"No. Given the nature of the site and the anamoly, we'll keep this one at our level alone, for now."

Outside, despite being on the 66th floor of the massive, towering structure, a small white creature, with its tail flicking back and forth, is holding onto the edge of the building, its face pressed against the glass, red eyes looking into the meeting room.

"Ah... so they finally noticed." Kyubey says, to himself. "Now I wonder how long until-"

Kyubey is cut off as a hand reaches out and grabs the small creature by the scruff of the neck, leaving it dangling far above the bustling streets below. "Noticed what?" a voice asks.