Belated Christmas Gifts (Usagi)

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Belated Christmas Gifts (Usagi)
Date of Cutscene: 01 January 2016
Location: Mamoru's Apartment
Synopsis: Usagi drops off a gift that won't be seen for awhile and finds one left for her.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino

Usagi uses her key to enter Mamo-chan's apartment. Since Christmas, she hasn't spent as much time here, mostly because she'd been so focused on trying to be annoyed with him. (It's either that or cry, and hey, she's filled her quota for the year!)

Still, despite her fabricated annoyances (she knows it wasn't food poisoning), she still wants to give him his Christmas gift. Even if it won't be found by him for ages -- because he will find it one day, he has to -- she needs him to know she's thinking about him.

Even if the brainwashed jerk gave her food poisoning.


Usagi contemplates many places to put it. The coffee table? Dining room table? Kitchen counter? In a cupboard where it will never be found?

She sighs as she taps her fingers against the metal. She knows where she'll put it, has known since she first saw it in the store window. Just as she knew she had to buy it, and he had to have it.

She walks through the apartment to his bedroom, sitting on the mattress when she enters. She really should do that laundry in the corner. Perhaps tomorrow.

Slowly, carefully, almost as though someone will come out of the shadows and snatch it away, she sets the metal keepsake box on his dresser. She shifts it so the corners are aligned with the that of the dresser's, then turns it so it's not. She opens the lid so that the red velvet inside could be seen, then closes it because she thinks the antique style roses are just that much more pretty.

Once it's safely set up and still there, she trails her fingers over the top of it. She is so happy it fits his room, even if it looks more...old than the rest of his possessions, it at least doesn't look like it belongs in her more childish room.

Yes. She did good.

With a contented sigh, she pulls out the card she'd gotten to go with it. It's more her flavor, with bunnies, of course. She taps a pen against her lips as she tries to figure out what to write.

Nothing sad. She has a diary for that.

Her cheeks turn pink as she finally writes.

Yours, all of me. Forever.

She blows on the card to help the ink dry before slipping it under the box before cleaning up.

The pen completely misses the purse. It slips from her fingers and falls to the floor before rolling under the bed.

Part of her wants to leave it there, to get it later, but it's her favorite pen.

With a sigh, she gets on her hands and knees to look for it before reaching under. Almost there and got it!

The cap snags on the bag on the way out, and it's too much effort at that angle to disengage the pen in the position she's in, so out it comes as well.

Usagi is confused at the wrapping paper poking out, and it's this that finds her rummaging. She shifts to sit cross legged -- she also needs to dust -- and pulls out the paper. It's pretty, of course, and elegant, and for a moment she wonders who he was going to be using it for.

It's an odd thought to have, of course, especially when her answer is found on a folded to and from card.

It's for her?

Mamo-chan got her something?

She has to squint to read the teeny tiny handwriting on the card, more so than if her eyes were not blurring. Still, it takes her a moment to realize part of it is in English and that it's okay if she doesn't understand it. There's a translation, because he knows her so well.

It's not that it's translated that has her hand covering her mouth. It's what is written.

Forever safely cold and locked in stone
Resolved to keep its burdens out of sight
The heart that cannot face the world alone
Remains immune to freedom, life, and light
“It’s not so bad,” the dreamer will insist
As echoes filter down from up above
Of all the things he thought he hadn’t missed
And loss and friendship, care, betrayal, love
Until that love with beauty bright and true
And kindness and acceptance of the weight
Contrives to break the prison that he knew
And help to shoulder loneliness and fate
With disposition lightened now perforce
Triumphant is the heart that’s shown its course

For the first time in weeks, she can almost feel him, behind her, breathing softly. For the first time since Christmas, she can hear his voice as she reads the sonnet, low and soft.

She takes a long, peaceful moment to savor the moment before pulling the last bit from the bag. It's a jewelry box (too big for what she's too young for) and it's with shaking fingers she pulls out the necklace. A silver chain, a silver, metal filigree inlay crescent moon pendant, a rose in between.

Clasping it around her neck, she grips the pendant tight in her hand.

She's crying. Of course she is. She misses him, and it hurts.

But she's also laughing in between sobs. Not the near crazed laugh she'd given outside KFC, but genuine. And soon she's laughing more than she's crying.

Because even though it hurts, he's out there. She has the proof around her neck.

And she will get him back.

A few hours later, she is humming as she enters the Arcade.