Belated Christmas Magical Girl Pictures (Minako Aino)

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Belated Christmas Magical Girl Pictures (Minako Aino)
Date of Cutscene: 04 January 2016
Synopsis: Masuko Miyo's Pretty Cure Weekly gets a terrible photo album
Cast of Characters: Minako Aino, others


Somebody posted a series of magical girl photographs from a recent event in a KFC. It has gone relatively uncommented on compared to other threads. The pictures include:

  • unclear photograph of restaurant interior
  • blurry photograph of damage to tables
  • clearer photograph of two sailor senshi, both blonde
  • photograph of Sailor Moon with finger in her mouth, leaning over
  • photograph of Sailor V reaching for Sailor Moon's back to pat/touch
  • dark photograph of restaurant exterior and vaguely human shapes around - no details apparent
  • overexposed photograph due to flames everywhere!
  • several photographs of devastated restaurant interior from different angles - a mauve, jelly-like substance in puddles, small fires, bile, vomit, and food liberally applied to floors and walls.
  • several (magical?) girls across street talking and interacting
  • another photograph of at least one of those girls running away, too dark for details

Interesting but quickly lost track of in Christmas discussions and arguments.

This week, somebody posted the pictures in a different order. The online album includes older pictures but does not make this explicit. It seems to be trying to tell a story in a timeline. It gets 600 links on social media within an hour.

  • Photograph of KFC interior
  • Photograph of Sailor V in sunny location, six hamburgers on her table while she points and laughs
  • Photograph of Sailor Moon with finger in her mouth
  • Photograph of Sailor V reaching for Sailor Moon's back to pat/touch
  • the worst, most disgusting picture of the series detailing the floor of the KFC
  • camera booth picture (allegedly) signed by Sailor V : "I AM A ROLE MODEL FOR GIRLS"