Best Laid Plans (Usagi Tsukino)

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Best Laid Plans (Usagi Tsukino)
Date of Cutscene: 06 February 2016
Location: Mamoru's Apartment
Synopsis: Usagi pretends to be Ami and goes a bit 'Conspiracy Theory' in one of Mamoru's apartments. Also reminds herself of EXACTLY who she's fighting for.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino

It wasn't planned at all, certainly not when she passed by the Kinkos on her way to and from trying different cafes. In fact, it wasn't until her third time passing it that she got the notion, and even then it wasn't until the fifth time by that door that she went in.

At first, Usagi was afraid she would get odd looks for the pictures she prints from her phones. Both of them. Even more afraid that the printed off text conversations would raise suspicion. But maybe it was the names on the texts themselves (Blossom and Darth Vader) that saved her from too many raised eyebrows. Or maybe they were more curious by the look in her eye when she checked over the printed photos of her other phone.

Everything's in a folder, tucked in her bag.

Next, a wig maker. Not because she needs a wig, of course! But because she needs untraceable income, and well, cutting ten inches off one's hair every day or so adds up. One reach into her subspace pocket, a bit of a rifling, and she sells just enough to play for a plan she's not even fully aware of yet.

Usagi's been using this room to store her family's belongings, at least what she's been able to salvage. Hopefully Mamoru won't mind, or preferably, she'd get it out before he even finds out. Well, when he gets back.

It's not even the original apartment. It's a room buried in the back of one of the hidden, far removed from that room she woke up to a cloak draping over her. She feels relatively safe here, but even still. Though she doesn't have Mercury's sensors, she does have a younger brother. Her boobytraps are designed to both annoy intruders and to give her warning of their arrival.

The giant cork boards -- she got that idea from him. Or Endymion, rather, from the picture he showed her of his office. On this one, she has the pictures he's sent of the Dark Kingdom, relevant texts from various sources (the mysterious Blossom and Darth Vader), and all in all it's...depressingly empty.

<Darth Vader TXT>: sometimes places disappear, though, or change
<Darth Vader TXT>:i don't know, they're just gone. you walk through a doorway that led someplace last week, and it leads into the room beyond it instead
<Darth Vader TXT>:<picture of what is obviously a throne room, though it is empty> this is a month ago
<Darth Vader TXT>:<picture of the classic anime throne room instead of the SMC throne room> this is this week
<Darth Vader TXT>: also when places look like the latter, the walls move
<Darth Vader TXT>:: its like theyre alive

The next board is of various newspaper clippings and printouts, anything Magical Girl related going as far back as December. Or anything that could be considered a cover. Different colored thumbtacks represent the different teams - at least the ones she's aware of. And yes, the Sailor Senshi are pink. Black is Dark Kingdom stuff. White is for those that she either cannot identify, or that she's not one-hundred percent certain was actually Magical Girl related. All in all, this board is...depressingly full. She has to use most of the first one and all of the second for all of them. String connects several of the clippings together.

The only string connecting to a black thumbtack is the only one in a group of many colors, all pinning down an article about the recent freak storm.

The third board has a few maps. One is of Paris, and there are a bunch of tiny stickers on it. Bunnies, stars, smiley faces. They look like a sort of childish chaos, marking places she'd visited when there, the sights she saw and the shops she visited. But there's only one rose sticker, and that one is over the catacombs.

Other maps, three of them. One of them is littered with stickers as well, but there is only one small puppy. Next to the maps are printouts and reading material on a certain crystal, most of which were acquired from Mercury. Various colors of highlighters mark the pages.

And it's here she really curses her lack of note taking abilities.

Beside several of the highlighted parts are sticky notes. Words spoken to her on the moon.

directed by your emotion
must not hold onto hate
embrace all life
purify and banish the darkness and chaos
never let fear or hatred rule you
remember the mystery of this universe

She leans back when she's done. It's late, of course, and soon she'll try to take a nap. But something is still bothering her.

No, it's not that this reads as a crazy person's manifesto if taken out of context.

The key. The Great Seal.

The crystal is supposedly linked with her, or at least only obtainable through her. But how? Why are the clues so well hidden?

"You're not going to figure it all out tonight, Usagi-chan."

After she comes down from jumping to the ceiling, Usagi gives Luna a look. "I'm getting you a collar with a bell."

There's a flare of indignation in the feline's eyes before her shoulders slump. "Usagi-chan. You need to rest. You need another pair of eyes."

"No, I don't. I'm doing this on my own."

Luna just blinks. "Isn't that what you fear Minako is doing? Or is it about the texts Zoisite sent you?"

Ug, Luna. Reading her phone.

"It's not about any of that!" She twists her twin tails in her hands. "I already have an idea on how to help Minako. That's by…not forcing her to deal with things. And what Zoisite said? I trust Ami! I know she had her reasons. And it's not her fault he tried to kill Jadeite."

"Then why are you doing this, Usagi-chan?"

"Because!" Does she know why? Not really. But her mouth answers for her. "If I can figure this out, or try to figure this out, I won't feel useless! If I'm focused on this, I'm not focused on her." Here, she stabs a thumbtack, repeatedly, on one of the throne room pictures.

"And what else?" That tone of voice...Usagi suspects Luna already knows what her answer will be. Stupid cat.

"And I won't be failing him! He told Kunzite I'd save them. He said he knows I can do this, but how can I when I don't even know what it is I'm supposed to be doing? If I can, at the very least, figure out how to get or where the Crystal even is? That's one less step after the key's together."

Luna blinks at her for a moment. "And the rest?"

Usagi shrugs. "I just...I need to try to be organized. I'm very much not."

There's a soft snort from the cat. Instead of commenting further, a paw drags out one of the other pictures in the folder, one that doesn't belong in any of the other categories. "And this?"

Usagi's shoulders slump as she picks up the picture. She wipes away imaginary pawprints and sighs before tacking it up, between the maps and the crystal print out.

It's actually one of the first pictures she took of him, back when they were frenemies. His smile is soft, barely there (though after the flash the look was replaced by one of Much Annoyance), and his eyes are so sad. So different from the boy she saw on the battlefield against Walpurgisnacht.

"Well, you know. Sometimes…" She shrugs a little. "Sometimes it's nice to remember exactly who I'm fighting for."

Not a prince of a forgotten, never-was era. Not a sad boy who should have been an enemy at a Parisian cafe.

Its for a boy whose eyes had only just started not being sad.

In that moment, she feels a bit of calm. That slumbering gold light feels as though it spreads through her system, and if she weren't in such an almost drugged daze from it, she'd notice little sparks of silver greeting the glow.