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MahouMUSH Best Practices

Here at MahouMUSH we abide by the following practices:

  • Consent Is Key: We are all here to have fun. If someone is offended, or doesn’t wish to partake in a particular event, they have the right not to without consequence.
  • Open Door Policy: Staff wants you to be able to come to us about anything you have questions about. If you have questions, ask them! No matter how silly you think they may be, they are not. We will answer everything honestly and openly to best of our ability, except in cases where protecting anonymity is a concern. (See: News Behavior).
  • New Characters, New Story: MahouMUSH also welcomes, and in fact greatly appreciates, Original Themes. Feel free to submit your Application for them!
  • Known Characters, New Story: MahouMUSH does not exist simply for players to re-tread existing ground in a given theme’s Anime or Manga adaptation, but to build an entirely new story with the well known characters. For example, this means that Rei Hino is Sailor Mars, the Pretty Soldier of Fire and Passion - but she may go to Verone Academy, might have a deep friendship with Cure Black as well as her own Senshi team, and develop a fierce, personal rivalry with Utau Hoshina - both in and out of henshin. Existing Characters should keep (largely) to their known personalities and attitudes (in this case Rei should still be clearly the same Rei that we know and love from the original works) and reflect their experiences in this different world, rather than wholesale changing.
  • Theme Integration: At the base of it’s theme, MahouMUSH is about the forces of Light (Love, Hope, Justice, Friendship) versus the forces of Darkness (Greed, Rage, Jealousy, Despair.) AND the feelings they represent. If your theme concept can be broken down into this at its core, then ten to one, it’ll be really easy to integrate into MahouMUSH without too much fuss. Other themes can be integrated, but they may need to be modified slightly to fit with the flow of MahouMUSH’s theme. We’re more than happy to help you accomplish that if you feel you need help doing so. We want to include you! Not exclude you! That being said, we can’t include everything and this is a Mahou Shoujo-themed environment. If your character is pretty clearly a direct copy of a Dragon Ball Z character, for example, we may tell you to try something else.
  • Inclusive, not Exclusive: Everyone is here to RP and enjoy themselves. As Staff, this means we want to help players tell and play out the stories they want with as little hindrance as possible. We want to make it easy, not hard, for folks to want to run plots that matter to the overall theme and story of the MUSH. Not all TinyPlots, therefore, will be staff run.
  • Gender: Toxic masculinity or outright misogyny are not welcome in character designs in this game. Male characters in the genre don’t rescue girls because they think they can’t defend themselves or think they are weak. They help them when they are needed and because they care for their friends, male or female. That being said, both Male and Female characters are encouraged, and both are treated in much the same way, with feelings and emotions taking center stage, rather than their concept of gender.
  • Leave the Fanservice at the Connection Screen: No henshin poses describing how the outfit accentuates your character’s cleavage. No posing panty shots. No overtly skimpy outfits. When in doubt, check ‘News Rating’ and ‘News Behavior’, or ask Staff if you’re in danger of pushing it.
  • This is your Story: More importantly, this is your story. Staff may be here to help drive things, but Staff cares about what you want and where you would like the story to go. For example, if you want a part in the upcoming TP, or want to try something prior to it, just let Staff know, and we’ll work you in to the best of our ability!