Betrayal of Trust (Madoka Kaname)

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Betrayal of Trust (Madoka Kaname)
Date of Cutscene: 14 June 2016
Location: Kaname Residence - Madoka's Room
Synopsis: Madoka has a lot on her mind upon finding out Takashi Agera is the evil scientist Riventon, but does she also have crimes to atone for?
Cast of Characters: Madoka Kaname

Madoka's room is empty and dark, the lights off and the curtains drawn, it's occupant not spending near so much time here as she once did. The bed is made, covers neatly folded down with pillows fluffed and stuffed animals sitting in in rows along the wall. More of these sit in a place of honor on a shelf above her bed, various cats, dogs, bunnies and bears, each of them loved and treasured companions given to Madoka over her fourteen years.

The larger ones take turns occupying chairs arranged facing the bed just past the foot of it, save Matilda, the near human sized shark plushie Homura got her that simply doesn't fit anywhere other than the bed itself. Right now a large cream colored bunny sits on top of the pillow, whereas several days ago it was a large teddy bear in a yellow shirt that now comfortably occupies one of the chairs. All of this is perfectly in order, as it should be, save for one little variable.

It's a bear with a slightly stern impression and an Infinity University uniform on, with green eyes. None other than Teddyashi himself. He no longer occupies the nightstand next to her bed to watch over her as she sleeps as he once did, instead rotating between the various chairs in her room. Over the past few days, however, he hasn't moved an inch, sitting in the same spot for several days in a row, having gone untouched.

Footsteps in the hall, quiet and in no hurry. The door to the room opens and shuts, it's pink-haired resident having returned. Her face is mostly impassive but a little sullen, her lips curled down into a slight frown at rest, an obvious hint towards her emotional state. With a flick of the switch the room is bathed in light, all pinks and whites, cute curtains and bedspreads, filled with beloved stuffed animals, a place of comfort. Normally she can't help smiling when she walks in, with so many fond memories in this place, but today her bedroom serves another purpose.

This is where she comes when she needs solace, to think about her life, her actions, and the people around her. This is where she went to think when Homura was on the path to destruction and when she learned the true nature of Witches, once the crises that required her immediate action had been resolved. Now she's here again, because once more chaos and confusion had entered her life, and she had no idea what she was going to do about it.

Takashi Agera. The arrogant but brilliant boy at school who had asked her to a dance that had left the both of them enamored with sudden and surprising emotion, who despite his self centric nature had seen something special in her and made her to feel that she really was at a time when she was otherwise so unsure. A magical boy who wielded an icy halberd and protected both Madoka herself and others from danger. A boy who had shown kindness when he realized their romance was a temporary infatuation and had let her down honestly and gently, an act of true compassion when she could have been so easily strung along.

Riventon. A monster, a man of evil who had so many times terrified her and attacked her friends. A person who seemed completely without morals or ethics, who had attempted to pluck her off the streets of Tokyo when she hadn't even been back in town more than a couple weeks in the name of performing terrible experiments on her because of the magical potential she held inside of her. Someone who had tried to kill her friends on several occasions, who had created and made them fight evil, abnormal versions of themselves. Someone whose callous disregard for anyone other than himself had made him the subject of her most terrifying nightmares, up until only a couple weeks ago. The man who had been her very definition of human evil.

These two people, seemingly so different, were in truth one and the same all along. The implications of it had sent her reeling, and even now she had no idea what to truly make of it all. There were times when he was both sweet to her and in deadly combat with her friends, likely knowing how deeply wounded she would be were he to succeed in killing them. So she needed time to think, time to work it over and make decisions, time to work out her own feelings on this seemingly impossible issue.

Before she goes to sit on her bed and curl up and think Madoka goes through the motions of rearranging her stuffed animals. Two small plushies are pulled from the shelf above her bed and set on the nightstand, trading places with a slightly larger one, and the large bunny is taken from the bed and taken over to a chair, settled in it and given a few pets before it's arranged just so. It's a calming exercise, and a relaxing one. It helps her forget her worries for a few moments, immersing herself in this very personal ritual.

The large bear with it's yellow shirt is lifted up and Madoka buries her face in it for a few moments, hugging it to herself. It smells like home and comfort, the gentle cleaner she uses to wash them mixed with the soaps and shampoos she uses for herself, rubbed off from countless hours of hugging and snuggling, this larger plushie big enough to be one of those she's hugged on all night long in bed. She lets out a comfortable sigh, taking the bear over to her bed and setting it down, considering a moment before picking up a blue penguin and setting it carefully in the bears old seat.

Instinctively her eyes go to the third chair. She freezes in place as she sees Teddyashi and his cutely stern expression peering at her, his Infinity jacket so neatly pressed upon his figure. Her mind places the white hair upon it's head, and as she stares the visage of that illusory hair slowly begins to take on a purple tinge, it's expression somehow seeming menacing and awful.

Madoka's lips purse into a line, her eyebrows drawing slightly together and lowering. Anger, frustration and hurt well up inside of her, and she glares down at Teddyashi from her position above his chair. It really does look like him, sometimes shockingly so. The look she gives the teddy bear isn't just wounded; it's accusing. It gathers all the injustice of this revelation into a single glower and heaps it upon his soft and fuzzy form.

To his credit Teddyashi merely stares back at Madoka with that same mildly stern expression, weathering it all without a single objection. Madoka stands there for almost a minute, her arms slowly lifting to cross over her chest. The frustration her face shows doesn't retract or diminish, and finally her head gives a little shake as if to say, 'What exactly am I going to do with you?' in that tone disappointed mothers get when their naughty children have frayed their patience.

Her lips purse a little harder and suddenly she moves, arms uncrossing and reaching down with one hand to snatch the arrogant little s-

She freezes. She sees her hand near Teddyashi's throat, fingers curved taught like talons. She sees herself for the first time in this moment as she is, standing over a teddy bear and forcing upon it all the resentment she feels towards the one who had given it to her. Her hand drops to her sides and she looks again to Teddyashi's face, and for all the world that stern look of his now looks like something else entirely. Scared, pitiful, and rejected.

Madoka gasps and recoils, tears instantly in the corners of her eyes as she realizes what she's done, the way she's been acting. A moment later and she's lurching forward again, reaching out to Teddyashi with a much different intent than before, scooping the bear up from the chair with both hands and cuddling him to her chest. "I'm sorry!" She squeezes the bear close, leaning her cheek down to brush it against the top of his head, sniffling and wiping away tears on her finger before they can fall on his head and get him wet.

She walks over to her bed and sits on it's edge, turning the teddy bear around so it's back is to her and hugging it to herself again, rocking slowly back and forth in a soothing motion. "I'm so sorry," she whispers, apologizing to the stuffed animal for hurting the feelings she's imparted upon it. "You didn't have anything to do with that, did you?" She hugs on the bear more than she has at any point since Takashi broke up with her, trying to calm her tears and speak to the teddy in a soft, crooning voice. "You're completely innocent in all this... a victim of circumstances. And I was being so mean and cold to you, all over nothing. Poor Teddyashi."

Madoka climbs up onto her bed, laying down on top of her covers and rolling onto her side, curling up and petting over her beloved teddy bear. "You'll stay here with me for the next few days to make up for it, okay?" She nuzzles against the bear again, kissing the top of it's head, feeling Teddyashi's fuzzy ears brushing against her cheeks.

When she finally calms down several minutes later she lets out a sigh. "I won't ever be mean to you again. Okay, Teddyashi?" The bear doesn't respond other than to shift as she squeezes it again, peering at the world with that cute, stern expression it always has. "It'll be okay. No matter what else happens, I'll still love you." Another tiny kiss to the bear's forehead, and Madoka uncurls somewhat, closing her eyes and resting on her bed.

Madoka still has so much to think over and work out, but tonight she'll be doing it with Teddyashi in her arms.