Bird is the Word (Hinote Kagari)

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Bird is the Word (Hinote Kagari)
Date of Cutscene: 04 February 2016
Location: Waldian's Residence
Synopsis: Hinote gets Illume up to speed on human manners, Illume lays down some advice in turn.
Cast of Characters: Hinote Kagari

Hinote Kagri had his head leaned down against his desk in the Waldian's home. He was staring at Illume, a red 'phoenix'-- for lack of a better term and it's what she called herself. The bird merely looked at Hinote. "Okay- so." she says. "Calling people 'cold' or 'not warm' is bad, right?" she asks. Hinote nodded. "Yeah. People need finesse, or a politer way of saying things. I dunno how your kind does it, but--- you gotta be a little 'nicer'." he says to the bird.

Hinote let loose a sigh. "I think I can start taking you out in public again." he smiled. "You're just not used to being around humans are you?" he asks. Illume shook her head. "Nope! Birds. That's it. But you're not so much different, right?" he nodded a bit. "Right. I mean besides the feathers and wings." he says.

Hinote sat back up and sighed, and rubbed his temples a bit. "Hino?" asked Illume. "Why have you been so down tonight?" asked the bird suddenly. Indeed, she'd caught on those mannerisms quick. "You seem sad."

"Heh. You caught that." he said. "Just.. things going on with....." ugh. Shinobu was.. probably more than a friend at this point but-- it maybe didn't feel right to call her girlfriend yet- if only because it was customary to actually take someone out on a date first- and that kept getting sidetracked and ruined by magical matters.

"A very close dear friend....." he said. Illume seemed to be listening intently. ".. okay remember how I told you about Puella Magi? Well.. she's one, and she recently found out that... Puella Magi... become 'witches' that they fight if their soul gems turn black instead of just.. die. It has me scared. Why would.. anyone do that?...."

"Do what?" asked Illume.

"Like. Offer you a wish to fight witches, but then you become a witch so there needs to be more magical girls to fight witches, so they become witches and--- see? It's like a big big circle.... why? That doesn't make any /sense/." he says. "It's confusing, and it's so pointless from this side." he said.

Illume spoke up. "Well. Nothing's pointless... I mean. A kitten chases it's tail, but it's to amuse itself. A wolf sometimes howl for no reason but to amuse itself!" she said.

Hinote listened and nods. "That makes sense. So-- I guess there's a point there, but what?" he mused idly. Illume merely shook her head, she didn't know, she could only offer some words of encouragement but that's it.

Hinote sighed. "I just hope there's a way to help her..." he said. "Before it's too late."