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Once upon a time, before extant archaeological record, there was an age when magic was as much a part of the world as water and air. The Golden Kingdom of Earth had long since established internal peace, though it had to be actively maintained, as its diverse civilizations were still fraught with cyclical dissatisfaction and the usual attempts at coups, suspicion, misfortune and blame, and the currying of political favor.
The Silver Millennium, centered on Earth's Moon and encompassing all the planets in the Sol System but Earth herself, had been created by Queen Serenity in order to protect and nurture that green and growing globe, aeons before-- and its planets lived in relative peace and harmony, with little more than internal spats rather than hostility.
This age of peace and prosperity ended when a monster that had long been sealed within Sol broke free of its bonds during a solar storm. It sought a path into the heart of Earth in order to use it against the Moon and gain the Silver Crystal, the source of the Silver Millennium's power. The monster's name was Metalia, and it found this path through a young seer of the Earth court, who was infatuated with the planet's Crown Prince, Endymion. This seer, Beryl, was wracked with jealousy over his relationship with the Moon Princess, also named Serenity, and was willing to let corruption into her heart to gain the power to possess him.
Beryl sold her soul to Metalia, then spread the corruption with lies and dark magic that preyed on and amplified the unrest on Earth and blamed its various misfortunes on the apparent seduction of Earth's Crown Prince by the Princess of the Silver Millennium. Finally, she sealed the planet's fate with the corruption of the Prince's own parents, Demeter and Tallaios, and his guardians the Shitennou; in the madness that overtook the world thereafter, they burned their own cities for the energy to feed Metalia and preemptively invade the Moon.
The only voice of protest on Earth was that of her Prince, who stood against his entire planet, his remaining subjects, insisting that the Moon was not their enemy. He preceded the armies to the Moon in an attempt to warn Queen Serenity and help protect the Moon Kingdom from his own people. Beryl herself cut him down as he moved to protect the Moon Princess from the corrupted woman's blade. His guardians awoke from their madness with the shock of his death, but it was too late--
--just as the Princess' guardian Senshi were too late to stop the grief-stricken girl from taking her own life with the sword still slick with her love's lifeblood.
With her daughter dead and her empire falling, and the Earth she'd dedicated her empire to protecting in ruins, the only thing Queen Serenity could do was seal the monster so it could do no more harm, and use the last of her life energy to send the souls of all the victims of Metalia forward into the future, to be reborn in another age-- one hopefully free of the curse of Metalia, and free of the fear and paranoia that had made it so easy to corrupt an entire planet.
The Sol System's Sailor Senshi, Princesses of their respective planets and guardians of the Moon Princess, died protecting Queen Serenity during her final gambit; their worlds -- unable to support life without the magic of the Queen's Phantom Silver Crystal -- died along with the Moon and the civilization of Earth. Only Earth, which had generated and nurtured its own life, remained inhabited, its suddenly quiet and dim moon orbiting as a lifeless husk.
With the end of these aeons of peace, nearly all of the magic and magical warriors of this universe disappeared, whether they were outright killed in the final battle, snuffed out in the pyrrhic victory, or shunted off into pocket dimensional stasis to sleep until magic could seep back in. The Moon Queen’s final wish was to seal the demon from the sun, and it also sealed the doors of magic itself.
In the present day, the Princess of the Moon, her Sailor Senshi, the Prince of the Earth, and his Shitennou were all reborn as Queen Serenity intended-- but they were not alone. Beryl was also reborn. Given this precious second chance, she chose once more to sell her soul to the sealed Metalia, building a Dark Kingdom dedicated to awakening the demon to her full power. Beryl, Queen of the Dark Kingdom, sought out and recaptured the Shitennou before they had the chance to reawaken to their true purpose.
After a long and terrifying campaign that drew in many of the magical heroes of Earth, the combined forces of kingdoms long past and the magics of the modern age, managed to defeat the Dark Kingdom once and for all-- under the banner of hope and love carried by the Moon Princess' new incarnation Sailor Moon. Now the heirs of the ancient past stand ready to protect Earth alongside their allies, the modern heroes of the new world, dedicated to the same cause.

Apping Into the Theme

Please speak to available cast members and/or staff about your ideas before apping!
Senshi: On MahouMUSH, it will be only possible to app OC Senshi from outside the Sol System once the in-game timeline has progressed to the Stars Arc and the Starlights and Asteroid Senshi become appable. Prior to that, the Outer Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon will become appable as their stories begin. No Sol System OC Senshi will be considered.
Shitennou: There are four traditional Shitennou, and one who was added organically through roleplay. If they are unplayed, they are appable, but no new Shitennou will be made.
Reincarnations: Non-Senshi citizens of the Silver Millennium who may have been on Earth or the Moon during the final battle, and citizens of the Golden Kingdom of Earth who may have had magic of their own (all of whose souls were sent into the future by the dying Queen Serenity) can be apped as reincarnations and grow into their powers and memories through various IC means.
Other Sources: You don't have to be reincarnated to come across an item of power dating back to the Silver Millennium or the Golden Kingdom, it just helps a lot. You are more likely to come across an artifact or something that might grant powers if you spend time around magical people; it's possible to app as non-magical but in-the-know (see the 'People of Tokyo' theme) and gain powers during roleplay, and this path is open to discussion with staff.
Theme Contact: Mamoru Chiba