Blossom (A Dream)

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Blossom (A Dream)
Date of Cutscene: 23 April 2003
Location: Japan
Synopsis: A sad teenage girl talks to a strange creature who offers to help her, long ago.
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Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

Beginning the week of November 14th, some magical denizens of Tokyo begin to have a series of rather odd dreams. These dreams are incredibly vivid, almost like watching a movie, and upon comparing notes, those who do so will find their dreams to be exactly the same in every respect. They occur on the same nights, and every detail is identical for those who have them, as if the same movie was played in everybody's heads.

((OOC Note: These dreams are opt-in. They are related to a developing TP. Any magical denizen of Tokyo could possibly have them, especially those strongly tied to dreams, but it is equally possible your character does not have them. It is completely up to you to decide.))

The first dream is as follows:

It’s a beautiful day, somewhere in Japan. The sun is shining down from a blue sky perforated with fluffy white clouds. It’s warm, but not too warm, and the bright green new leaves on every branch speak loudly of spring.

Not this spring, or last spring. There’s a sense of the past to this vision- a sense of looking back a long time. Years, at least. It’s hard to say exactly what the origin of this sense is, but it’s strong. This is a glimpse of events that are said and done.

Not all is well on this day though- the sound of sobs drifts through the air. A young girl, maybe in her early teens though it’s hard to tell exactly, sits on the curb by herself. She has long dark hair and is wearing a school uniform, though the style is not recognizable to most in Tokyo. She’s crying, her hands pressed to her eyes, her shoulders hunched.

Although people occasionally walk by on the sidewalk, nobody stops to ask her what’s wrong. A few glances are shot her way, curious or disinterested or even mildly concerned, but no one actually stops to speak to her.

Perhaps she expects this. Perhaps that’s why she seems all the more startled when a voice suddenly does speak, from behind her on the sidewalk. “Oh my, are you injured? You seem to be shedding an awful lot of tears.” The voice is strange- high-pitched and vaguely not-right.

The girl turns, and she gasps in surprise and mild fear, because what is standing behind her on the sidewalk is not a person at all- it’s a small white-and-pink cat-like thing with long, floppy ears. She sniffles, wiping at her eyes with the palms of her hands. “D-did you.. Talk to me?”

“I did! I talk to lots of girls who seem sad.” the little creature says, pacing around her on its four little legs, then stopping and sitting down on the curb next to her, just like a cat. “What’s the matter? Why are you here, crying all alone?”

The girl stares at the.. Thing for several long moments. Tears make little tracks down her blotchy cheeks, but they seem to be drying now- her sadness shocked away by the strangeness of the sight before her. It’s hard to say why she begins to speak, instead of running away screaming- maybe it’s just so surreal that it doesn’t seem so strange to do so. Maybe she just needs to talk that badly.

“E-everyone hates me. Mama and Papa, they w-want me to study science and become a big scientist like them. But I don’t ‘’like’’ science. I like art. But they say art is a waste of time. A-and they took away my pencils and paints.” She sniffs.

“And the girls at school all make fun of me b-because I’m quiet and I don’t like to.. To talk about boys and fashion. They say I’m dumb because I keep failing tests, but it’s just because it’s not interesting.. But they don’t care. They tease me and throw my bag in the fountain and.. And all kinds of other horrible stuff.”

She’s building up a little steam now, her voice getting slightly angrier, slightly louder. “They all want me to change! To. .to be the person they want me to be! Nobody likes who I ‘’am’’! And sometimes I just want to give in, and do what they say so that I can be happy, but I wouldn’t ‘’be’’ happy, And I’m afraid that who I am inside would.. Go away. And I wouldn’t really be me anymore.”

Her voice is very small now. “That scares me more than anything.” And she’s sniffling again.

The cat-like creature listens in silence to this outburst of words, then tilts its head, one floppy ear touching the sidewalk. “That’s silly. All humans should do what they are best at. If you are best at making art, you should make art.”

The girl sniffles again. “I.. that’s what I think. But nobody seems to agree with me.”

“I agree with you.” The little creature says, it’s voice firm and positive. “But I think you might have even more hidden talents that you don’t know anything about yet. If you like, I can help you uncover them.”

“Y-you can?” The girl sounds dubious. “What.. what can you do?” There’s a hint of trepidation in her voice. The strangeness of this encounter seeping back into her awareness now that some of her steam has been vented.

“It’s easy.” The creature replies. “I can grant you a wish. Any wish you like. That’s what I do.”

“Any.. wish?” The girl’s frown deepens slightly. “Why? Who are you?”

“You can call me Kyubey.” The little creature replies, still seated quite still. “And what may I call you, if we are to be friends?”

The girl seems to hesitate for a moment.. Then answers in a slightly steadier voice. “My name is Hana.”