Breeze (Hinote Kagari)

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Breeze (Hinote Kagari)
Date of Cutscene: 06 December 2015
Location: Waldia
Synopsis: Hinote basks in the warmth of a world he only once dreamed of calling home.
Cast of Characters: Hinote Kagari

Hino woke up at some point in the early morning. Everyone had a lot of questions last night and after the blur of Runealy restoring the Barrier, he had absolutely no trouble sleeping. The bed wasn't like one he was used to. No springs, but comfortable. He asked about the status of Runealy. She was up, finally, but was busy immediately. This made sense. The king probably had his own things to ask his daughter about- and you know, she was back home after so long.

He figured he had a few hours. Gao was off probably visiting his own family, Vale- the same. These were assumptions. Hino chose to remain in his fancy transformation, until he could obtain some actual clothes that were like them- he could ask Vale about how to go about doing that later.

He'd hoped to bump into Tuxedo Kamen or one of the other Earth people to come with him, but that didn't happen. Maybe they were off exploring on their own.

Being in 'An actual Castle' was an experience. Everything was lovely and mostly decorated. Really, it'd been as he envisioned it in his minds eye. News had spread through the castle like wildfire it seemed. He spoke to some people. Some servants. a guard. Someone claiming to be a royal cook. (Because he was hungry after all that last night, and he got a bread roll out of it.). When they asked why someone 'important' like him. (Important!? Already?) was bothering to talk with them. He said that he had a lot to learn with a charming smile. Eventually, he realized he never really got to see 'outside' yet.

Hino politely asked the last servant he spoke to where he could get a good 'balcony view'. He was directed to one. It was flowered- with some sort of creeping vine up some columns to a domed roof. He didn't recognize the flowers as any type he knew- but he was no botanist. Maybe Gao could tell him more later. They seemed to fill the terrace with a lovely scent when the wind blew.

The wind was pleasant. There was no smell of-- gas or cars or smoke. The air was clean and crisp for this early in the morning. He thought he could smell some wood burning, that made sense. Some chimneys in the distance were making a little smoke- bakers had to make bread he imagined, early. Right, the capital city. That's what he came up here for. He wanted to get a good look. It was amazing- much like the castle- how he envisioned most of this in his head. He tried picking out buildings. Was that a Market Square? There was lots of places he wanted to go visit.

He'd do that when he could get a guide or a friend to accompany him. For now he just wanted to stand right here until someone escorted him off or asked him to leave. That'd happen eventually for now- it was a perfect moment.