Broken Noses and Broken Hearts (Lacrima)

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Broken Noses and Broken Hearts (Lacrima)
Date of Cutscene: 28 July 2017
Location: Mitakihara General Hospital
Synopsis: Norie pays her brother a visit in the hospital with his broken nose after the events of Brother of Blood, Brother of Water. -,_Brother_of_Water
Thanks to: Alexis Raskoph
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Ryo Okana laid in the hospital bed. The doctors said his nose was broken. He wasn’t surprised. The last thing he heard was a crack. His thoughts ran about that boy. Who was he? Was he some … minion? Flunky? Norie had? Just an upset friend? A boyfriend? He didn’t know.

He closed his eyes to think a moment and when he opened them- there was Norie. Well. He’s pretty sure. It was Norie. The thing with purple hair. There was still black wispy smoke coming from around her. She’d Dusk Stepped in of course. Bypassing the door.

“What do you want?” he asked painfully.

Norie kept her usual straight faced frown. It was a look that Ryo had become accustomed to over the past year or so. “Maybe I want to know you’re okay, even though you think I’m not Norie anymore.” she says quietly. “Tall. German boy. With a leather jacket. Right? Alexis.” she says quietly. “It’s him. It has to be.” then she frowned. “And if you give police that name I won’t be happy….”

Ryo frowned. “’’Won’t be happy.’’ So what’s new about that.” he said gravely. “So why did you sick him on me like a dog? To teach me a lesson? To make me think otherwise. Well I don’t.” he said sourly.

Norie seemed taken aback. “What? No. I didn’t. /send him/ after you. He did that on his own.” she says quietly. “He sees me as… a little. Sister. He told me as such. To my face. When I was talking to him. About what went on. When I brought Rashmi-chan over.” she says.

Ryo seemed to pause at that. Norie spoke up. “Don’t you remember what that’s like?” she asked spitefully. “I remember. The time I had that bully stealing half my bento mom made for me everyday when I was in the third grade. You found out. So you actually walked from the other school to mine to bop him in the nose. Don’t you remember that?” she asks quietly. “How much trouble you got in? You were in detention for weeks and grounded for months.” she says.

Ryo Okana frowned. “Just because you remember things about Norie doesn’t make you her.” he said. “Go away. Stop haunting me. Or whatever it is vampires do when they hang around the living.” he said.

Norie frowned a bit harder. “Fine.” she said. “You better take care of mom and dad...” she said through her teeth. It’s clear she was holding back tears, instead transferring them into a more sourly angry mood. “For the record. If Alexis comes back it isn’t my fault. I’m not happy about this. Everything.” she said quietly, as she let herself step back wards into another Dusk Step.

A nurse opened the door to check in on Ryo. “Huh… I could had sworn I heard a voice. Was someone here…?” she asked to the bedridden boy.

“No one important.” Ryo said in a slightly more sad but angry tone.