Broken Noses and Broken Texts (Lacrima and Kazuo)

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Broken Noses and Broken Texts (Lacrima and Kazuo)
Date of Cutscene: 10 August 2017
Location: Text messaging
Synopsis: Lacrima texts Kazuo about Alexis punching her brother. Fortunately, the local healers are not exactly likely to be mistaken for thugs. Unfortunately, in Kazuo's case mistaking him for a thug is not entirely a mistake.
Cast of Characters: Kunzite, Norie Okana

<PHONE> A text from Lacrima at Thu Aug 10 18:37:18 2017: Kunzite. Hello. Alexis-kun did something stupid.

<PHONE> You text Lacrima: How many pieces is he in?

<PHONE> A text from Lacrima at Thu Aug 10 18:38:55 2017: I haven't decided yet.
<PHONE> A text from Lacrima at Thu Aug 10 18:39:07 2017: He decided the best way to handle my issue was punch my brother and break his nose.

<PHONE> You text Lacrima: I am at least glad to hear that there is unlikely to be an actual burglar targeting your family. Should I try to arrange for one of the local healers to assist with your brother's recovery, or would you prefer to avoid the hell out of the potential complications?

<PHONE> A text from Lacrima at Thu Aug 10 18:48:21 2017: I'm not sure on that. I would appreciate it. If you tried at least. Please. It's probably best to try to make it clear they're not a thug or something again if they approach him. I haven't spoke to Alexis about this yet. I'm still deciding how far into the bay I throw him is too far.

<PHONE> You text Lacrima: I'll see if there's anyone available. At least the healers are generally rather more apparently nonthreatening than Raskoph. No guarantees that it will work, of course. Endymion has leaned toward full-disclosure after his last attempt at a cover story went unpredictably sideways, but in this case that may not be a bad thing; I don't know if Asclepius has a policy.

<PHONE> A text from Lacrima at Thu Aug 10 19:01:00 2017: I do not mind full disclosure. It's the problem that I do not want Ryo-niisan to think I am sending constant thugs at him now. I do not think Mamoru comes off as that. And yeah. Also. Mamoru has. better way with people. As far as I can tell.

<PHONE> You text Lacrima: If I accompany Mamoru, I will be very careful. (I doubt that lurking in the background would be any more reassuring, granted.)

<PHONE> A text from Lacrima at Thu Aug 10 19:09:41 2017: I think as long as you're explained you'll be fine. I'm still cooling off before I talk to Alexis. Which you understand takes time given what I am and how it responds to things like this.

<PHONE> You text Lacrima: Yes. Given how long it would take someone with a fleshly body to cool off about somthing like this, also.