Broken Promises (Usagi)

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Broken Promises (Usagi)
Date of Cutscene: 17 December 2015
Location: Mamoru's Apartment
Synopsis: Not even Usagi is immune to the sudden onslaught of nightmares plaguing Tokyo.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino

After a few days of sleeping a combined four hours, it's no surprise that Usagi falls asleep hard. It's not something she welcomes, her previous attempts had been met by silver light and swirling ash.

And until now, she's jerked awake before things got really bad.

Not tonight.

The only saving grace is she's fallen asleep in Mamoru's apartment. No parents will wake up to hear her screams.

It's the same as before. He is bathed in the healing silver light, meant to heal and bring him back. Instead, he screams her name even as he's ash on the wind.

And he's gone, and the weight of her dress almost weighs her down.

She's no longer on the roof. She doesn't know where she is. But she knows the people around her. The redhead who had haunted her nightmares as a child, the white haired general who had been nice in her dreams.

The armored boy, the one who has always been kind to her no matter the life, even when he wasn't. Lifeless eyes that should hold the warmth of the world. His world.

And the redhead finally has him. Her hands are on his face, possessive, and…

Arms settle around her waist. The warmth of them settle like ice against her skin.

"I'm not dead. I haven't died a single time in this life."

The words. He's said them before. Then they had been meant to reassure a crying girl on the wake of a nightmare. Now, though, his voice is accusing even through the warmth.

"I was counting on you to tell the world to fuck itself and bring me back. Remember?"

His breath tickles her ear even as the redhead's hand comes down hard on his forehead across the room.

Then, even the ice of his warmth is gone as he melts in front of her, no use to the redhead.

"So much for promises."

And it would almost be a blessing if she woke up now, screaming to an empty room as she is screaming here.

But, for the moment, she's damned. And she's forced to see the future as it will be. Her friends, her girls, dead around her, their broken bodies littering otherwise pristine snow.

Others, too. People who have slowly gathered to her circle of friends, most because of him.

All dead, because of her.

And his voice, again, though now it's floating around her in the howling wind.

"How can you save them when you couldn't even save me?"

Usagi jerks awake to her scream still echoing in the room.

There's a picture on the nightstand, one she's framed and brought over herself. She turns away from it, though, knowing that if she looks at it eyes that were supposed to be warm will glare at her with an emptiness that should never have been.