Broken Wings (Tsubasa Kazanari)

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Broken Wings (Tsubasa Kazanari)
Date of Cutscene: 26 January 2016
Location: Tsubasa's Dorm Room
Synopsis: In her dreams, Tsubasa ponders why some people react poorly to her attempts to help. Instead of answers, she gets cryptic statements from Kanade, and a hope-giving encouragement.
Cast of Characters: Tsubasa Kazanari

Tsubasa is floating in empty space, thinking out loud upon events earlier in the day. "Why is she so reckless... why did respond to my warning with more recklessness?" It doesn't sound like she expects a response, not really.

And yet, arms come from behind, wrapping themselves around Tsubasa, and an answer comes. "You're too serious Tsubasa." The red-headed girl those arms belong to answers, in a sense. Kanade holds her partner close, "If you're too stiff, you'll snap someday." The words are spoken soft, and gentle. Caring, and perhaps even loving.

The idol cheers up, smiles, almost laughs with joy, when she responds, "Ever since you left me alone, I've been training even harder. I can't even count how many Noise I've defeated, and I've even fought youma that are very different from the Noise." She sounds like she expects Kanade to approve of this. "I've put my life on the line without even asking why."

Somewhere, the scene drifts to a theater in ruins, a theater that has long been rebuilt. In this state, it's exactly the aftermath of the final Zwei Wing concert. Kanade's Swan Song. "I came to the conclusion that there's no meaning or value to my life other than protecting people." Then, with a bit of a sadder tone, "Why can't they tell I'm trying to protect them?"

"I think that behind the battle, or on the other side of it." Kanade answers gently, warmly, her back pressed against Tsubasa's. "There is something else. That's what I've always thought, that's what I've always seen." There's a brief silence between the two of them, "I think they have seen it, too."

After a few moments silence, Tsubasa asks a simple, confused but hopeful question. "What is it?"

"Something you'll have to find out for yourself, I think." Kanade's tone is warm and encouraging, but brooks no opening for dissent.

"You're always so mean to me, Kanade." Tsubasa complains regardless, face scrunched into an indignant, childish look. She looks away, and her tone becomes sad as she remembers, "But you're not even around to be mean to me anymore, are you?"

"Isn't that okay?"

"It isn't okay by me!" Tsubasa objects, firmly, "I want you to be by my side."

As Tsubasa drifts back into the endless blue, with nothing remaining of Kanade but her voice, there's one last sentence. "It is up for you to decide whether I'm far or near, Tsubasa."

And then, Tsubasa finds herself in bed, eyes wide open as she asks the question. "Is it?"