Bunny Rugs and a Phone Call (Usagi Tsukino)

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Bunny Rugs and a Phone Call (Usagi Tsukino)
Date of Cutscene: 28 October 2015
Location: Mamoru's Apartment
Synopsis: During the tail end and after the scene 'Reservations,' Usagi is caught by Mamoru sneaking into his apartment as Sailor Moon. (Across town, no less!) She says she's there to look for bad guys, but she's actually there to put a rug over the apparently non existent bloodstain from the puddle of blood she'd forgotten to take with her in 'Apatite Loss.'
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino, Mamoru Chiba

Usagi had tried the apartment door only to find it locked. So here she is, in a dark part of an otherwise bright and clean alley, transforming so she could leap to the balcony above.

Once there, she is pleased to discover the door out here is still unlocked, at least, and sets a pair of bunny slippers just inside the glass door.

Then her phone trills, and she jumps, feeling as though she'd been caught. How ridiculous was that!

"Usagi, what are you doing at my place?!"

It's Mamoru, and his tone is slightly annoyed.

Usagi winces. Obviously not that ridiculous. "I'm redecorating!" It's meant to be glib, maybe even sarcastic, but it's a bit too close to the truth. "You won't mind pink walls when you get home, right? I'm thinking hot pink."

"You wouldn't."

"You're right, I'm just here checking for bad guys. None here!" She hopes, she hasn't really checked the entire place yet. She stares at the phone after a pause. "Wait, how did you know?"

"I...thought we've been over this. I just-- it's that psychic... stuff. Kind of."

"Oh, right." Her eyes widen in sudden worry. "Only kinda, right? You're not reading my thoughts, are you?"

"Right." He pauses. "I'm not reading your thoughts."

"Phew!" That would have been embarrassing! "Because, you know, I'd feel all awkward, what with Motoki being your friend and all..."

Muttered. "Oh my god." That may have been Motoki Jealousy.

"I'm kidding! I do believe that ship has sailed." It's his fault. She's not sure why, but it is. "But I do have weird thoughts. Doubt you'd want to hear them."

"Uh-- what...? I mean, weird how?"

Oh, only Princess Jealousy. The usual. But she can't actually say that, because she's not even sure why she's thinking it.

"What would a bear crossed with an aardvark look like. You know. The usual."

"Well, it would obviously have a guitar, because it would be a Baardvark."

"...That was bad. Did you hear that? I just face palmed."

"You know you loved it."

She rolls her eyes. He can probably hear them through the phone. "Yeah, fine. It was funny." She's in his room, now. Last time she'd been here, she'd gotten skewered. Her voice is probably a bit tense because of it. "So, ah, guess you're lucky. Having someone like me who enjoys bad jokes. Hey, where's the blood stain?"

"--I called a friend of mine after Rei-san left with you, and she helped me clean it up." His words are suspiciously light, like he's trying really hard not to re-live that night. "But yes: I'm really, really lucky."

"Hmph." She hears the strain, and pokes it only a little. And she's not sure why she says what she does, she just says it, almost as a reassurance. "I'm fine."

She removes the rolled carpet and unfurls it onto the floor. And she sighs. "I lied. I brought something to cover it up. I guess it's not really needed, huh?"

Silence for a second. "Actually, I was thinking about getting something to put over it anyway. I mean, I remember where it was."

"Oh! Well, then! Hold on, just a second." She gets the rug in place, tilts her head to make sure it looks nice, then snaps a picture of it with her phone. "I just sent you a picture!"


Silence again, presumably as he's looking at the picture, and then he laughs, loud and bright. "It's perfect," he says, grin in his voice. "Hey, while you're there -- unless you want to escort me over there later to get some stuff -- there's a go bag in the bottom of my closet, and Mako-chan said I could bring my rose bush over so it's not neglected..."

Her face brightens. "So you're not going to 'accidentally' spill wine on it? Or grape juice." She nudges the rug a bit more with her boot. "I could do either way, really. It just depends on how embarrassed you'll be getting a piggy back ride from me."

She really hopes there's a piggy back ride!

"Oh, wait, escort. Of your own walking feet."

"Yeah, I mean, I have a key and stuff." A pause. "Since it's my place and all and I don't have to break in."

She makes a sound of protest! "I didn't break in! I...opened the balcony door when the front door was locked. So technically, I'm only trespassing."

"I'm pretty sure they call it breaking and entering even if the door's unlocked."

"Well, that makes no sense. If nothing's broken, how is it breaking? And besides, I had to bring back the bunny slippers anyway, right?" Complete Logic.

She opens his closet door and just sort of gapes. Boy clothes… "You don't keep track of all your shirts, right?"

"Usa! Do not mess with my closet, everything's color coded!"

She snorts a giggle. "Well, mine's better. Everything in my closet is cute coded."

"I'm sure it is," he mumbles, and from the sound of it, his hand's over his face. "Look, how about... no, listen, don't worry about it. If my closet's that overwhelming, just... thank you for the rug. Which is also really cute. I don't... nobody's ever looked in my closet before, all right? So if you're going to make fun of it..."

Her eyebrows got pinchier and pinchier (HMPH!) before suddenly unpinching! "I lied, my closet actually looks like a bomb went off! I'll text you a picture later. I'm not trying to be mean, promise. And...your shirts just look comfier than mine." Her fingers trail down a sleeve. And softer, too.

"Oh is that why..." He trails off, then clears his throat. "Well if you were asking because you wanted to know if I'd miss one, you can have one."

She brightens, forgetting to ask about the why just yet. "Really? Is there a section of colors you won't miss as much? Like...oooo, this one's soft. It's um...green?"

"Sure, anything but the space shirts." Yes, he hangs t-shirts up in the closet. There's something seriously wrong with this kid.

She does a little squeal, carefully pulls out the shirt, holds it up, takes a quick picture of it (and his closet so he knows she hasn't messed it up too bad!) and sends in another text. And then she remembers. "Hey, 'is that why' what?"

"Oh, just why you were asking if I kept track of them, that's all. But hey, if I stand out here any longer, I'm sure Ami or Makoto will put a glass to the door and start eavesdropping, so I gotta go. See you soon?"

Oh, sad face. He was fun to talk on the phone with. (And to tease. That was the thing about phone calls, she isn't worried about him seeing her blush, and could therefore concentrate on being...very Usagi. Still, he has a point. "Yep. I'll be there soon. I'll go ahead and come get you, just so I don't accidentally drop...um...the bag."

She turns, then stops. On the nightstand is a familiar pocket watch. Tuxedo Kamen's pocket watch, to be precise. Wait, why is it here…?

Oh, right, she'd brought him here.

Well, she doesn't think he'll be back here anytime soon, so she snags it on her way out. She'll just hand it over the next time she sees him.