Casing the Joint (Lena Reiniger)

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Casing the Joint (Lena Reiniger)
Date of Cutscene: 05 August 2015
Location: Outside WPS HQ
Synopsis: Lena decides she can no longer be inactive in the events happening in Tokyo and begins recon on a potential enemy.
Cast of Characters: Lena Reiniger

With less than an hour before the big WPS party, one would think those that are going to show up would be getting ready, but for some people there are things they need to do before that happens. For Lena Reiniger, that something just happens to be gathering information. She's sure no one will fault her for being a little late to the party, right? After all, one should be fashionably late to these things.

So, after some initial searching around for the place WPS works out of, Lena found herself casually strolling along across the way from it before turning down an ally and out of sight. Watching to make sure no one would be walking by, the ally filled with a violet light briefly and the Belkan girl shot up to the top of the buildings around her, landing on a roof across the way from her target.

<Sind Sie in Ordnung, Master?> Ascalon chimed from her left arm, relocated thanks to the full-arm brace keeping her right arm mostly immobilized. <Sind Sie bereit diesen Weg zu gehen?>

She paused, staring out at the WPS building, and frowned. Images of that night with the Lost Logia and of losing control crossed her mind. She shrugged, chuckling uneasily. "I'm fine. Ready or not, things are starting to get to the point where we can't not take action," she said, a hand moving up to block hair from whipping into her face as the wind picked up. "I'll just have to work harder on keeping my... ugly side under control."

As the street below her cleared some, the knight took a deep breath and the violet light of a Belkan magic circle formed under her feet. "Let's get this set up, Ascalon."

<Jawohl!> Her device chimed as her Linker Core flared up, mana linking into a proper spell. <Groszbereichssuche!> Around her some half-dozen small points of light flared to life before settling down to a dull glow.

"I'm going to leave maintenance of the search to you, Ascalon," she said as those lights shot off across the way to begin their search of the WPS building. "Don't maintain it for more than an hour and a half, search for external security and points of ingress. If you can get an orb inside, see about internal security. Make sure to record everything for later review."

<Ich verstehe.>

She nodded and turned, light of a magic circle forming under her once more. Soon after Lena shot off into the sky, making for her apartment. "Let's go get ready for a party."