Chains of my own creation (Misa Sakagami)

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Chains of my own creation (Misa Sakagami)
Date of Cutscene: 26 February 2016
Location: Inside of Her Own Mind
Synopsis: The roaming thoughts of someone stuck deep within their curse. Or what they blame on their curse...
Cast of Characters: Misa Sakagami

.o(... It's dark.)o.

.o(... It's cold.)o.

.o(... It's quiet.)o.

.o(Is this what it's like to be dead?)o.

Misa Sakagami was floating in the infinite silence of her own mind as her body was controlled by Maeko. Curled up in the fetal position, with chains wrapped around her, chains that went off infinitely in all directions around her. They weren't real, though to her, they might as well have been.

She didn't know how long she'd been like this, only that recently she suddenly became aware of it. She came out of her dreams -- nightmares, really -- and found herself just floating in this empty space. Aware that she was alive, vaguely aware of voices around her, but never properly able to hear them. Occasionally she thought she heard her name.

When she heard her name, she recoiled. This place... she was alone. She was away from everyone. This way she could keep everyone safe! She wouldn't be near anyone, so Maeko wouldn't want to hurt anyone because they got close to her! ... Or so, that's what she told herself.

Misa was scared. Absolutely terrified, though she didn't really even register it anymore, she'd been shivering for so long. She was running away. Running away from her problems like she'd done every other time. Running away to buy a doll.

Running away after the doll put her parents into a sleep they never woke from. Running away after the doll started to hurt the few friends she'd made.

She'd even stopped making contact with the friends she'd made long before. No longer writing to her penpals. Always running, always afraid. Even Reiko, she'd been hesitant and ran from. Letting her help, but not actively trying to get that help. Just letting it happen.

Fear. Mistrust. Worry. Trauma. Each of them had created a chain. Each one had bound her more strongly to Maeko, and each one had drawn her deeper into her own curse. Made her easy to work with. Made her easy to control.

She'd heard something. Seen something. It made her struggle briefly, it broke a chain, which was now floating around her. She occasionally was aware of it. Occasionally it was something she focused on, a small fragment of hope, maybe.

But she wasn't sure she wanted to escape. It would be so much easier if she just let Maeko keep her forever. Misa has never been a strong girl like the people trying to help her...

...Maybe this darkness was growing comforting.

She didn't have to run anymore, now that she'd been caught.

Misa curled up a little more, closing her eyes as she rests her forehead against her knees.

Yes. This was better. She wouldn't endanger anyone like this...