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Organizations and Groups

Over the past fifty to one hundred years, various groups who are aware of magic, and its nature, have formed. All of them operate in secret compared to the rest of the world, which doesn’t know about magic. The groups, however, are mostly aware of one another to some degree. Each has their own ideologies and differences that can either allow them to work together at times, or be at each other’s heels depending on the situation and the people involved.

These are the four currently-known major organizations that have a stake of some sort on Earth; more may exist, waiting to be represented...:


Virtue represents the strength of a helping heart.

Virtue is one of the older factions, having existed for quite a while; in more recent years, they have taken to collecting magical information as well. They help because it’s the right thing to do, and don’t care too much for group politics. Tea parties and BBQs are much more fun than organized meetings anyways. Members of Virtue tend to work more on their own in a general sense and come together to stop world-crushing events. There’s only a few generations of actual elder members of Virtue, but their network includes some of the more Light-aligned mages and magical girls. The Guardians that operate out of Seiyou Public School and the headmaster of Seiyou Public School are members of Virtue, as is Sailor V. They are most likely to ask ‘How can I help?’ in their decision-making process -- even when dealing with their enemies. A member of Virtue is usually like to make efforts to redeem corrupted individuals, rather than do away with them -- even if there’s danger involved.

Virtue meets in many wonderful parks and beautiful locations, such as The Royal Garden in Seiyou academy and King Penguin Park!


Justice represents those who would take the fight to Darkness.

Justice has a more proactive outlook on handling those who would hurt others compared to the members of Virtue. They feel the best way to protect people is to have evil cowering in a corner away from people, fearing them and their power -- failing that, they’re willing to be the advance wall between the Darkness and the normal people. Justice has a more rigid organizational structure, with elder members ranking over newbies who have yet to prove themselves in the fight against evil. They also tend to be less interested in why evil is being done than stopping the evil creature from doing it. As a whole, this organization is more likely to feel the need to make the difficult decisions -- such as sacrificing one to save the all. Examples of members of Justices are Sailor Uranus and Chrono Harlaown. The Justice is heavily influenced by the remnants of the TSAB force stranded on earth after the Subspace Incident.

Justice meets where it is able, usually as small meetings between individual members in public places, which it considers safe, or gatherings in alleys out of the line of sight.

Justice is now a subgroup of the Virtue faction. Virtue's guidance is meant to instill a sense of order, however, to prevent more horrible incidents: trying to kill the purified and harmless death monster, trying to execute the surrendered and detained dimensional magic criminal; this merger is meant to avoid those in favor of understanding. Likewise, Justice can teach Virtue a thing or two: when it's acceptable to dust the person you're fighting, how to learn when someone simply /can't/ be saved. And if they can't handle it? Well that's what they're there for now. They'll take the burden onto their soul if someone else simply can't.

The Obsidian Pact

The Obsidian Pact represents the desire of Darkness itself to snuff out the Light.

A long time ago, darkness stopped warring with itself to try to wipe out Earth and the source of all Light from the universe and beyond. This temporary alliance was called The Obsidian Pact. It faltered when the Silver Millenium fell, and the source of all magic became closed off from all. Recently, a new Obsidian Pact (named after the original) has formed, from both the insatiable desire to still make darkness reign, and the threat of magical girls returning to the world. Members of The Obsidian Pact tend to be either creatures or beings of complete darkness, or humans who have given themselves to the corruption -- or been brainwashed into serving the darkness. The many groups of dark beings that make up the pact still operate independently of one another despite occasionally helping each other -- and many just see this as an alliance of convenience, waiting for The Garden of Light to fall so they can make their masterstrokes. Examples of members of The Obsidian Pact are Queen Beryl, The Dark Five and most Pretty Cure Villains.

The Obsidian Pact base themselves out of the nearby Dark Kingdom, a portion of the Dusk Zone close enough to Earth that it’s stable enough to easily go back and forth without the normal travel restrictions present.


Eclipse represents the corruption of humanity by the Darkness.

Eclipse is a group of humans who wish to rule the world with magic. Unlike the The Obsidian Pact, which wishes to see the Earth destroyed, they would rather see its peoples subdued and put under their thumb. Most members of Eclipse are prominent scientists, businessmen, or people of note, who all pool their wealth and abilities together to acquire artifacts, mercenaries, and machinations that can help them to this end. Much of the power the group uses is of a corrupted nature, as magic of this nature is very much about subjugation and control. Myths of an ‘Illuminati’ in the normal world tend to be the end result of many of Eclipse’s dealings and actions. Eclipses prefers subtle actions compared to riotous acts of sending out some sort of creature. Examples of Members of Eclipse include Professor Tomoe, and the members of Nightmare and Eternal.

Eclipse operates out many high-class businesses and estates, and routinely has meetings in the Easter Corporation’s highrise in Downtown Mitakihara.


Those with hearts who won’t be restricted by doctrine or cause.

Being in an organization is not a requirement for your character, and in fact, you can app as an independent character. On one hand, you don’t need to worry about organizational ties or events. Of course, it’s always possible to Roleplay into an organization, if you desire, over time.

On the other, you don’t have the organizational ties and resources that might come in handy for your character at times. Being in an organization also gives you a signal boost of sorts for potential RP scenarios with other members of your organization who may know who you are merely by being a member! (But remember, letting people know your Secret Identity is always consent based! Being in an organization doesn’t preempt that unless you allow it to.)

Some monsters, such as Witches and Jewel Seeds don’t have any organizational ties as well, and most Puella Magi operate alone -- though it’s not unheard of for them to join Virtue or Justice from time to time.

While organizations are important, being in one (or not being in one) won’t hinder your ability to roleplay.

Defection and Removal

Generally, any change in your character that is dramatic enough that they’d consider changing factions (or leaving their current one) should be run by staff first -- this is less about getting ‘permission’, and more about making sure we know what’s going on, and what’s going on isn’t caused by an OOC Misunderstanding. In the end, it’s your choice to leave an organization; you’ll generally be allowed to, though there should be a small plot or TP that facilitates this for your character.

Likewise, if your character acts in a way unbecoming of an organizations general creed repeatedly, they may be asked to leave and/or become an enemy of that faction.