Cherry Blossoms (Nadeshiko Fujisaki)

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Cherry Blossoms (Nadeshiko Fujisaki)
Date of Cutscene: 08 January 2016
Location: Fujisaki Estate
Synopsis: Nadeshiko is a beautiful dancer, but sometimes Nagihiko needs to climb trees.
Cast of Characters: Nadeshiko Fujisaki

By dressing as a woman, being seen by the public as a woman, it is all too easy to conform to the societal norms Japan has in regards to women.

With this, it's also easy to relate to how women were expected to be hundreds - even tens -- of years ago.

Small, dainty movements. Always demure, soft, modest, and delicate. The soft curve of the arm from shoulder to elbow to wrist, even the way fingers caress the air or fold around a fan. There are no exaggerated movements. Or perhaps, there's exaggeration in how enclosed all the movements are.

But it's so easy, too, to realize the underlying strength women have always had, to feel that power men for generations have tried to deny the existence of.

It's always come easier to Nadeshiko than it had her brothers. Perhaps because she made connections outside of the music and movements. Easier still since the appearance Temari, during the first bout of puberty that had sent her body changing in ways unconducive to the art, with feet growing too large and limbs becoming gangly.

She especially found her stride again when she made friends with Amu. Not only could she see herself as her friend saw her, the pink haired girl reminded her it was okay to not be always delicate and dainty and still be feminine. That, and of course, their friendship made her heart happy.

Now, though, she is having difficulties again. Limbs are becoming thicker, her center of balance not quite suited for some of the more delicate arches.

"Nadeshiko, your arm is too angry."

The dancer stops her movements and stares at her mother. "Then we try again."

She expects compliance. After all, dancing is their life, their livelihood.

So it's a surprise when her mother shakes her head. "No. We've been on this set for too long." Her head tilts in a way that sends envy to Nadeshiko's core. She knows she will never be as graceful as her mother. "You're vibrating energy. Nagihiko, you need to go play."

Shoulders hunch forward and the voice drops in pitch. "Yes, Mother."

Nadeshiko had gone into the practice hall, and though the clothes are still the same, it's Nagihiko who leaves.

Fifteen minutes later, it's Nagihiko who is climbing trees.