Chocolate Fueled Art (Naru Osaka)

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Chocolate Fueled Art (Naru Osaka)
Date of Cutscene: 19 May 2016
Location: Naru's room
Synopsis: There is much painting going on, all night long.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka

Standing in the shower, early enough to be on time for school, Naru lets the water fall over her head, watching the swirls of different colours circle the drain as the paint sloughs off her. Tired in the way of stupidly being up all night, and in a way that a rare morning coffee should solve, at least for today.

For a girl who is usually fairly neat and organized, it’s absolute chaos in Naru’s room. Canvases in various stages of painted leaned against anything they’ll fit against, palettes still with paint on them sitting on various flat surfaces.

The canvases are a wild mix of colours and sense and impressions. These are not cute doodles, nor realistic works, these are emotions and senses and thoughts smeared across the surface in paint form. Abstract in form by and large, some giving hints of caves, or mountains, impressions of rocks and minerals, the sense of stability warring with the sense of being confined with rock overhead.

Others look as if a brilliant summer garden exploded onto the canvas, layers of colour and impressions of flowers and blooms, with their perspective stretched and warped on each layer, the paint thick upon the canvas.

There is a lot of emotion in the various works, a dichotomy expressed in comfort and horror, discomfort and bright sunny colours and subjects.

The canvases all get a blanket tossed over them, before Naru leaves for a sleepy day at school.