Colours (Naru Osaka)

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Colours (Naru Osaka)
Date of Cutscene: 13 August 2017
Location: Hana's Apartment
Synopsis: Naru has something to drop off for Hana.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka

The elevator ride is as quiet as it always is. For such a large building, Naru always seems to take this elevator ride alone. Up to the top floor. To a quiet hallway. To a mostly empty apartment that Naru opens with her key. No furniture, in that main room, save for a single red leather chair.

The view over Tokyo is stunning, as always, and made more so by the streaks of colour that the sunset provides in the sky. There’s no rush, no sense of urgency, as Naru moves to stand by the window, watching the light and colour slowly fade into twilight. The sky turns from blazing colours to deepening shades of blue as she lingers, silently lost in her thoughts. Finally, as the lights of the city spark into life, casting shadows into the silent apartment, Naru turns. She draws out a faintly glowing sphere from her school bag, easily fitting in her hand, as she holds it up to consider it. The colours within swirl and dance as she watches and oh so gently, nudges the sphere into an oblong shape. “Reality is my canvas.” She notes, her voice no more than a whisper as she sets the bauble down upon the chair.

Naru doesn’t look back as she leaves Hana’s apartment, locking the door behind her as she does. The elevator is no less quiet on the way down, but the streets of Tokyo beyond are a cacophony of light and sound, almost overwhelming after the silence. Naru smiles, and turns to head for home.