ConText Clues (Nagihiko)

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ConText Clues (Nagihiko)
Date of Cutscene: 24 May 2016
Location: Fujisaki Estate
Synopsis: A bit ago, Nagihiko swiped Kukai's phone. He goes a peeking.
Cast of Characters: Nadeshiko Fujisaki, Kukai Souma

Nagihiko lounges on the couch, legs draped over the back as he leans against the arm rest. His brows are furrowed as he scrolls through a phone that's not his.

"Are you sure you should even have that, let alone be peeking through it?" Temari is perched on one of his knees, sleeved hands covering her mouth. Her eyes look scandalized.

Nagihiko gives her a look. "He's acting weird, Temari. You've seen it."

Temari tilts her chin. "You're just jealous because he's probably kissing other people."

"Well, yeah. But that has nothing to do with this." He frowns as he scrolls some more. "There are seven people here he's been texting that allude to dates. Seven. A couple of months ago, he hasn't been on any. That doesn't strike you as odd?"

Temari lowers her sleeves. "Well, yes, but he's also a teenage boy. Perhaps he's sowing wild oats or something."

Nagihiko's face turns red. "Temari!"

The small chara rolls her eyes. "I mean smoochy oats, you pervert."

Nagihiko levels a look at the small chara. "Look. Except for the ones to Utau, these texts started after the whole ignoring him thing. And some of these seem innocuous, and if it were just them I wouldn't be concerned."

"So what are you going to do?"

His brows furrow in confusion as he comes across a text to a boy named Daisuke. Who did Kukai mistake him for? "I'm not sure yet."