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Corruption and the Darkness.

Darkness is a powerful, underhanded enemy, and in moments of weakness it can corrupt even those with powerful hearts. If one is not careful, they might find themselves an unwitting, and unwilling tool of the Darkness, by letting the dark portion of their hearts have control.

On an IC Level, it’s possible for villains to corrupt your character. Perhaps through underhanded trickery, or perhaps through putting your character into a state of complete despair, allowing them to corrupt you, or through good old fashioned capture and brainwashing. OOCly, This cannot happen without your consent, however! You’ll never be FORCED into becoming corrupted, and anyone telling you otherwise should be referred to this policy.

If your character does become corrupted, how you choose to handle it is up to you, but typically this comes with them pushing away their friends, acting hostile and very much not ‘acting like themselves.’ It should be very obvious to your friends your family, or characters who know your character very well, that something is not right. The effects of being corrupted differ from character to character, and in particular some themes react to the effects in different or more extreme ways. (Shoutout to Madoka.)

On an actionable level, you should let the staff know, via +request, that you’re about to do such a plot, and how you expect it to go down, so staff is aware of what is happening. If the corruption is meant to be a permanent change for your character, there are some extra steps that need to be taken on the staff side of things, and we’ll need to look over such a concept and approve it to make sure it’s acceptable. Otherwise, please let staff know when you expect to be free of the corruption. As a rule, such plots shouldn’t last much longer than a few scenes and any exceptions should be approved ahead of time.