Cracked Foundation (Usagi Tsukino)

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Cracked Foundation (Usagi Tsukino)
Date of Cutscene: 31 January 2016
Location: Tokyo
Synopsis: Post Walnutbutt, Usagi finds two homes that are still intact. Her's is not one of them.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino

Usagi is beyond relieved to see her favorite doorman at his post. Not that she doesn't think he should be somewhere safe instead!

"Goodness what are you still doing here!" She gives the grumpy, ornery old bear of a man a warm hug. "But I'm so glad to see you're okay!"

He grumbles and grumps, making protesting noises about being hugged but his return is still warm. "Didn't see much point in it. Besides, this place is new. If any building can withstand what happened yesterday, this place can."

Usagi pulls back, eyes wide. "So the foundation's okay?" It's one thing she knows to ask about. "I need to check on his place." She wrings her hands together, nervous! "I know it won't be for awhile, but can you let me know if the building passes inspection?"

He gave her a soft smile and a pat on the head. "Of course."

A few minutes later, she's in his apartment. Well, one of them. She checks around for cracks on the wall, leaking under the sink. And while she's there, she runs the taps and flushes the toilets.

A few windows are broken.

The next apartments reveal the same - cosmetic, easily fixed damage.

Then she's at the other apartment. The 'safehouse' of sorts. She picks up fallen lamps and other knick knacks that fell over. A few dishes broken. A window cracked. Overall, same condition.

Usagi heaves a sigh of relief. Overall, his places are relatively untouched.

She takes out a piece of paper, scribbles a note, and sets the Luna wand down on it.

Hey, J!

I know you can take care of yourself, but this is just an extra precaution!

Please stay safe, okay?



It takes her longer to get home.

Police, the fire department, ambulances. All of them have familiar roads blocked off, so she takes to the surviving rooftops.

When she lands, she just stares in shock.

She's crying when she calls her mother.

"Usa! Are you okay?"

"Mama," she's sniffing, hard. "The house, Mama, it's bad."

"What?" The tone is terse. A pause, then. "How do you know this, Usagi?"

"Um, someone from the neighborhood. Mama, the house!"

A sigh. "We'll take a look when we're allowed to go back home. If it's as bad as they said, we'll stay at your aunt's."

No, Usagi can't handle that! "Mama, there's no room for all of us."

"Then what do you suggest we do, Usagi?"

"Well, Ami said I could stay at her place." A lie, not that it would be if Ami were to agree. But she also knows the Mizuno household will have enough to deal with. Besides, she knows a place that could do with some sprucing, too. Maybe she'll build that fort, after all.

She has to clasp her hand tightly over her mouth. The worse of the damage is apparently to her brother's room.

"Mama, give Shingo a hug for me?" A sniffle. "And Papa? And yourself?"

A different sigh, this time. More warm, concerned. "Of course, dear. ...Usagi. You need to know something." There's a moment of arguing. Mama apparently wins. "It's about Luna. She escaped the car first chance she could."

It's like the earth tries to swallow her whole. "...what?"

"Look, she's a very smart cat. And you said you got her microchipped!" Another lie. "Anyway, look. We all love you very much. But they're doing the dinner rounds. Take care of yourself, okay?"

After they hang up, Usagi just...goes through the house. Walls are cracked, windows shattered. Knick knacks her family has had for years, destroyed and turned into rubble. None of it quite sinks in.

And after all, she came out of the battle more or less unscathed. So many people weren't as lucky. So perhaps this is fair?

She makes her way, slowly and carefully, to her bedroom. She takes a duffel bag from her closet, when she finds it, and begins throwing random, undamaged clothing inside it.

She finds a toy Tesla on the floor and puts it in the bag before she tosses it on the bed.

There is a very indignant, very welcome mrowl.

"Luna!" This time, she's crying because she's happy.

"Usagi-chan!" The cat hurtles herself at the young girl, clinging so tight her claws dig into skin. But Usagi doesn't mind, hugging the feline even tighter because of it.

"If you ever do that to me again…!" Luna sniffles and cries. "I was so worried about you, baka!"

Usagi sniffles herself and nods. "I missed you, too."