Cruel Flowering (Hana Shiroi: The Fourth Dream)

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Cruel Flowering (Hana Shiroi: The Fourth Dream)
Date of Cutscene: 05 May 2004
Location: Japan
Synopsis: Hana learns that she has the power to make sure she doesn't get bullied anymore.
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

The Fourth Dream:

Late evening, on a city street. The street lights are all on, but the sky is still pink and purple, the sun sinking towards the horizon behind a field of dark, scuttling clouds.

The street is empty. It looks like it’s in an industrial part of the city, not the sort of place random pedestrians would frequent at this time of day. Even so, there are two figure standing in the middle of the cracked and worn pavement.

One of them is Hana. This must be relatively soon after the events of the last dream; she doesn’t look any older. She also looks somewhat haggard, with dark circles under her eyes and a slightly sallow complexion.

Facing her on the street is the blue and green Puella from the previous visions. She is staring at Hana with an expression somewhere between incredulity and anger. “No, I’m not giving you any Grief Seeds!” She’s saying, her tone full of disgust. “You /killed/ Hikari!”

Hana’s expression is a fairly unconvincing attempt to look tough, which probably comes off more like alarmed or mildly ill. “She deserved it! She bullied me for months, took my Seeds, tried to make me into her servant! And.. and you better pay back the Seeds you guys stole from me, or I’ll do the same to you!”

“Ha!” Blue and Green sneers. “You might be a /murderer/ now, but you just got lucky! I saw what happened. You didn’t mean to kill her, you just happened to hit her in the right.. Or wrong, spot! Your power is useless- sure, you can imagine stuff into being, but that doesn’t do you any good because you can’t /do/ anything with it, and-”

The girl suddenly cuts off with a twitch as something grabs her ankle. Startled, she looks down to see a clawed, monsterous hand reaching out of her shadow and grabbing her calf. Her eyes widen as several more follow suit quickly, grabbing both of her feet. Glowing red eyes set in demonic faces begin to rise from the ground, attached to the hands. She tries to yank her feet away but their grips are too strong.

“Wha- Familiars?” Her eyes shoot over to Hana, who is watching with a mixture of triumph and trepidation. “But.. you’re not a Witch!”

“I’m not,” Hana confirms, sounding more confident by the moment, as several more of the shadow-demons crawl from the surrounding shadows. “But I realized.. If Witches can have servants, why can’t I? So I imagined some. I don’t have to know how to use them.. They can use themselves.”

Blue and Green is struggling now, trying to get away, but the shadow-demons are holding her face. There’s fear in her voice as she asks, “What are you going to do to me?”

“Only what you deserve.” Hana says, her dark eyes fixed on the helpless girl who had aided in her torment for months. “Only what you deserve.”

The dream ends as Blue and Green starts to scream.