Dark Dress, Dark Key (Takashi Agera)

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Dark Dress, Dark Key (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 23 January 2017
Location: UMBRA HQ, Riventon's Lab
Synopsis: Takashi sets the wheels (and heels) in motion for a new plot.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera
Tinyplot: ???

Takashi Agera put one lab coat on the hangar outside the massive, magically secure door, walked through, waited for the Dark Energy airlock to shift, and walked into his private lab, taking another coat and putting it on inside - this one seemed to have a weave that shifted and changed, and occasionally the pooled dark energy that stuck to it would drip onto the floor - or upwards towards the celing.

Checking on a few strange experiments, the sound of shoes on the floor indicates that Takashi isn't alone. A young girl in a flowing black dress walks up behind him, hands clasped together at her waist. "Isn't it finished yet?" she asks, her voice small but emphatic. "I can feel her, she's weak now, it's the time!"

Takashi continues on his way, checking a few more little projects before turning to a strange cylinder hooked up to a mechanical-and-crystal aparatus. Floating suspended within is something that looks like a large, dark blue key, with a stylized hawk's head for the grip, hanging on a silver chain. Takashi reaches inside the cylinder like the walls aren't there, pulling the key from within, tossing it up in the air and catching it. "You'll need this to open the book, right?"

"Yes, and I'll need you to release my sister too." the girl in the black dress notes. Takashi walks over to a safe in the wall that has runes dancing across its crystaline surface. A burst of Dark Energy opens the safe and he reaches inside for a card that looks like a tarot card, leaving one just like it within the safe. Holding it within two index fingers, the gold-and-black back of the card showing a sun and moon motif. He closes the safe, and holds the key.

"Not now. Tonight." Takashi says, holding up a single finger and putting the chain around his wrist where Eizsapfen used to rest. "Tonight the planning and patience pays off."