Dark Kingdom

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Allied Faction: Unaffiliated
Allied Groups: Shitennou
Location Type: Residence
Grid Locale: None
The physical location of the Dark Kingdom (formerly ruled by Queen Beryl and allied to the Obsidian Pact) is an area of caverns, half-ruined Golden Kingdom buildings, and interconnected (when travelers are lucky) shards of subspace pockets linked to Earth at a place called D-Point near the North Pole. Before the events of March 2016, it was populated primarily by youma, along with Dark Kingdom adherents like Beryl's apprentice Melanite and the Shitennou who served as Beryl's generals. Metallia's defeat, and the efforts of Prism Keeper Yellow and a Nameless Hero, did significant damage to the cavern complex directly and freed the captive calcified souls which comprised much of the weirder-looking caverns' actual physical mass. Since that time, the fortress and 'natural' caverns are believed to have been largely abandoned.

Associated Logs

Title Date Scene Summary
Immature Human Most Unusual September 23rd, 2015 Kunzite recruits Jadeite's assistance. Because this always goes well.
Court Drama November 6th, 2015 A pleasant day in the Dark Kingdom.
Your Problematic Fave November 6th, 2015 Kunzite and Jadeite discuss what exactly to do about Mamoru Chiba. And lie a lot.
Better Not to Breathe November 25th, 2015 Jadeite and Kunzite discuss what happened to Apatite. And what is up with the roses. And whether their boss is about to kill them. And whether they need to kill Rei Hino.
Freed From the Lies December 13th, 2015 Content warning: AWFUL Wherein Mamoru breaks, and so, too, does a tethered mind.

Dark Endymion arc begins; concurrent with When You Are Lost and I Am Gone.

It's Not You It's Me December 18th, 2015 Beryl plays with her new toy! Dark Endymion is on the scene!
Away From All The Fears December 30th, 2015 Zoisite sends youma to kill Endymion. Neither Zoisite nor the youma are the scariest thing in the room. ... Neither is Endymion.
Your Values Are All Shot December 30th, 2015 Jadeite's world is going slowly to pieces. Again. Kunzite makes a try at catching him; in the end, it's more that Jadeite finally finds a reason to catch himself. (From Kunzite's point of view, follows The Sound of Laughter in Dark Halls, which is Kunzite and Endymion.)
In This Twilight December 31st, 2015 Dark Endy finds Jadeite. Jadeite finds Dark Endy not to his liking-- and the cracks begin to show.
Our Choices Seal Our Fate January 1st, 2016 Kunzite seeks out Jadeite once more, possibly for the last time. Questions are answered. Choices are made. And endings are always beginnings.
Not That Into You January 2nd, 2016 Endymion and Kunzite have Stuff for Beryl. There is DK bickering. There is Melanite, Beryl's old/new apprentice! Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, hope you survive!
Safest January 8th, 2016 Kunzite and Dark Endymion and updates, and pretenses desperately clung to.
So Much Shining Left Before I'm Out January 20th, 2016 Endymion's a hot mess. Remarkably, Zoisite does NOT pour gasoline on the fire when called for help.
Erasing Lives January 31st, 2016 Post-Walpurgisnacht: the Dark Kingdom contingent face Beryl's wrath. Endymion and Kunzite know why. Nephrite and Zoisite know less - and might even have a chance of getting out mostly intact.
Quantum Entanglement and the Tensile Strength of Love February 10th, 2016 Nephrite follows the nightmare fuel prince; a lot of higher math happens on a whiteboard and it's actually code for a conversation that's shoujo af.
I Dream In Fractures February 14th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Pretty much rock bottom on the broken-o-meter. Dark Endymion reacts to Zoisite being punished for his failure to acquire the Crystal key from Jadeite's palace, and Kunzite has no idea what to do with this.
Naru in the Dark February 22nd, 2016 Naru wanders the Dark Kingdom, encountering hostile youma and Zoisite. Weapons-grade obliviousness is definitely deployed. Or, as Mamoru's player put it: "the forces of the earth and moon kingdoms are arrayed to rescue you and sailor moon is a blubbering mess and you're having tea parties, omg"
02 D-Point: Lost in the Snow March 7th, 2016 Lost in the storm, a traveller finds shelter. But is that really such a good idea?
03 D-Point: A Loser Like You March 7th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, gore, language. Frost Knight, Tuxedo Kamen, and Kunzite's ghost are separated from the group in the initial blizzard, fight a large army of youmas, and then Takashi decides he can tank the strength of an enormous valkyrie lancer. He almost manages it. (Takes place in the beginning part of Blizzard Ambush.)
05 D-Point: The Flavor of Hurt March 7th, 2016 In a rare quiet moment at D-Point, Mercury and Moon discuss hurt and guilt.
07 D-Point: Birds of a Feather March 7th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Cure Gull and Miss White in the Dark Kingdom against one of Beryl's elite youma. With all that dark energy Hannah's carrying around, things don't go as one might expect-- but Gull will protect those she loves.
08 D-Point: Good Luck, Sailor Moon, Everyone March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Grim. Horror. Character death. The Nameless Hero and Prism Keeper Yellow make their last stand, and take with them rather more than anyone might have imagined.
11 D-Point: Next Of Kin March 8th, 2016 Kyouko talks with Kunzite's ghost about siblinghood, Sayaka, and stabbings, somewhere in the Dark Kingdom. Given that this more or less requires Tuxedo Kamen's presence ... there's a lot of family involved, for a couple of orphans.
09 D-Point: May All Be Free from Sorrow March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Finding remains; blood. Sky Jack, Tuxedo Kamen, and Kunzite find what's left of Nameless Hero and Prism Keeper Yellow, and Kunzite finds out just what the two girls managed to do. Sky Jack offers a prayer for the fallen, and a little bit of comfort is found in the midst of darkness.
12 D-Point: Snakes, Swords, Stars, and Singularities March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Hagane and Firebird take on some seriously OP youma, and manage to both kill them and bring down an entire section of the Dark Kingdom with, I kid you not, a god damned black hole. Unfortunately, it is at the cost of their lives.
14 D-Point: Swan Song March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character Death. Melanite has laid a trap for the Seiyou Guardians. She's caught rather more in her trap than she expected, however, and there will be casualties.
15 D-Point: The Last Battle March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, really heartbreakingly beautiful ghost poses. The final epic battle against Queen Beryl over the fate of the world.
The Fifth Corner of the World September 7th, 2017 LANGUAGE. Takashi and Sailor Earth go to explore what used to be the Dark Kingdom, and meet someone literally nobody was expecting.