Daybreak (Shinobu Kimura)

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Daybreak (Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 03 April 2016
Location: Infinity University
Synopsis: Things have been quiet for Shinobu the past month or so. This is a look at what's been going on.
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura

The days after the encounter with the Terribad, Shinobu decided it was time for her to have a little sit down with herself. Taking some time, she took out a piece of paper. "Okay, So let's see. My soul is a gem, I can't be apart from it. I will either die or become a witch." She thinks for a moment and lets her soul gem form into its full size. She looks at it and a strange thing happens, "It's okay. I'm alive. If I keep up the way I am, I may as well destroy this thing myself and be done with it."

She doesn't destroy her gem, thankfully. She began writing. A game plan. A schedule for her. "Okay. First off, School. No more missed days unless something attacks the school. I am a student and I have a lot I need to learn still. Second, Hunting. I need to keep my soul gem pure. That means I need to take down witches more often than not. After homework, when night falls. I am going to hunt every other night. On nights I am not hunting, I will keep up with friends and keep up with the radio show. This is the new order to keep things in check. Oh and have fun with it!" These things she wrote down on that piece of paper and it was placed beside her bed. It would be the first thing she would see when she woke up and the last thing she would see before bed.

It was tough going for the first few days. It took a level of discipline that she had reserved only for martial arts. Eventually though, she got into the swing of her new life. It was hard going but then, something changed. The darkness began giving way to the new day. While she would never again be the girl she once was, she started enjoying who she was. There was joy in the battles. It started becoming fun for her.

In the time since she'd started her new routine, she tried to keep away from the other Puella Magi. It wasn't because of the things she had done or the things they had done. I was because she simply didn't feel in their league. She was still a rookie and the last thing she wanted was to slow them down.

Now, after over a month of going it alone, she is feeling much more confident and while the knowledge of what will eventually happen is ever present, The darkness has broken and a new day has begun. She will live her life no matter what.