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Character Death and ConDeath

Death is a fact of life, and sometimes, even in roleplay. But just like in real life, death should never be treated lightly on a MUSH, even in a theme such as Mahou Shoujo where the dead and self-sacrificed come back often.

First and foremost, Death is consensual. You have to be okay with your character being killed off and allow it. No one, except staff, has the right to go ‘You need to die now’. Please remember that, and if anyone tells you otherwise, please refer them to this document.

It is possible that Death can be a consequence of your actions. In which case Death is the result of ‘IC Actions having IC Consequences’. (See: ‘News ICA = ICC’). This happens rarely, and if you’re in danger of reaching that point, Staff will politely let you know ahead of time the path you are going down. Staff and Staff alone reserve this warning.

If your character dies, they might be brought back to life through some magical means as this is indeed a theme that happens in Mahou Shojo, and similar themes. If this is your plan, you need to speak to staff ahead of time about this. Maybe you intended to ‘die’, but your character reappears as a brainwashed evil lieutenant - used by the darkness - for a bit to terrify their friends before being saved and coming back okay from the ordeal. Or perhaps some miracle granting wish brings you back at the end of the plot. Either way, unless you plan it with staff first, bringing a character back from the dead is especially tricky.