Disguises (Norie Okana)

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Disguises (Norie Okana)
Date of Cutscene: 22 March 2016
Location: Norie's Bedroom
Synopsis: Norie has a talk with the darkness infesting her. It goes as it always does-- with Norie screaming.
Thanks to: Sachiko Hayakawa
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Norie Okana went to sleep after the events of the evening. She hated sleeping nowadays. She always had dreams, of what she understood- was the last wielder of the power that infested her... or was forced to have a conversation with... some sort of abstract in her head. She enjoyed neither.

Tonight.. tonight it was the abstract. That voice in her head that taunted her consistently the past eight months. It was started the same-- on a bench, in the middle of some archaic garden. Vines growing everywhere, an overgrown gazebo, Roses bushes that bloomed into purple roses. Tiny, lighter white flowerets growing from stems that seemed to twist and turn. "Fine... what?" Norie asked as she looked out into the darkness that surrounded the garden.

You liked it~ said the voice, almost in a sing song. You liked attacking that young girl. You did it twice~

Norie put her foot down. "I did not!" she protested as she usually did to anything the voice said. "Shut up!"

You barely hesitated, Lacrima~. Norie protested again, almost immediately. "/You/ made me!"

We don't make you do anything. the voice said- more matter of factly this time. You refuse to accept your new reality so you're constantly in conflict. As long as that's the case- I still talk- You'll get confused~' You'll revert to that wide eyed manic state we find kind of repulsive actually..

Norie merely replied, arms crossed. "You lie."

You lie to yourself.

Norie just sat there quietly, a scowl on her face.

There's no /shame/ in liking that, you know. Is there any shame in enjoying a nice cinnamon bun? It's just that your cinnamon bun is apparently crazy and thinks it's a magical girl.


Norie continued to just sit there.

We both know what's going to happen when you meet her again. You'll fight the temptation. You'll fail. You'll end up losing control again. You'll waste more energy. We'll need to drain even more people. Again.

"Only because I have to...." said Norie finally. "I don't want to hurt anyone else! O--only because if I don't I almost kill people! Because--because of those urges!" she said through grated teeth.

You'd have those urges less if you stopped wasting power on this human disguise, Lacrima.

"WHO I AM ISN'T A DISGUISE! I'M--I'M NOT A DISGUISE!" yelled Norie into the darkness---

Norie shot up in bed-- "I'..I'm not a disguise..." she said in a low voice.