Don't Dream (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Don't Dream (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 16 September 2017
Location: Haruna's Bed
Synopsis: Haruna is told not to dream. She does so anyways. Someone special from her past visits her to warn her. And steal her house keys.
Thanks to: Naomi Yomada, Mamoru Chiba
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa, Mamoru Chiba

<PHONE> You text Mamoru Chiba: Yeah. I need to go laydown and maybe try to sleep a little something.

<PHONE> A text from Mamoru Chiba: Have some chamomile and ginger tea, maybe with some valerian in it. Sleep well, don't dream.

Haruna Kurosawa couldn’t keep that promise even if she tried. She ALWAYS had some sort of dream. Sometimes dreams. Sometimes nightmares. Sometimes vauge shadowy apparitions of her time in the Dark Kingdom would manifest. Something she never really remembered during her small stint of brainwashing.

This wasn’t any of that.

“Yo, Birdbrain, WAKE UP!” said a small voice as a tiny paw smacked Haruna on the cheek repeatedly. Bluh. Ugh. She’s up Procyon. She’s up for sc---Procyon!?

“PROCYON!” she yelled as she woke up in what appeared to be a grassy field on her back with nothing but a bright blue sky and fluffy white cloud. She also just started SQUEEZING the tiny raccoon into the most tightest deadlock.

“Ack! Demigods still need to breathe, burd!” he complained in the hug.

Haruna whoopsed and put him down. After a long moment. “BUT PROCYON YOU’RE DEAD! THIS IS A MEAN TRICK IF YOU’RE ALIVE!” she yelled.

Procyon shook his head. “Nope. Still Dead. Ish. Wherever things like us go when we can’t be around Earth anymore.” he shrugs. “BUT LOOK! Ohhhh I’m spooky dream g---”

Haruna huffed! “You didn’t come all the way to say you’re a spooky dream ghost!” she huffed even more.

“You’re right.” said the tiny creature. “This is about Naomi. Ya know. That girl. I dunno her. But something bad’s about to go down. Really bad. Enough it’s getting to the edges of wherever I am. So ya know.”

Haruna Kurosawa blinked. “What? What’s happening, tell me!” Procyon shrugged. “Dunno. The only reason I can talk to you is because of the whole connection we had going on. I can’t see over there or her. Just you can feel it at the edges and stuff.”

Haruna Kurosawa ughed worryingly. “Ugh I knew something bad was happening.” she wrapped her arms around her. Procyon shook his head. “I think you’ll figure it out.” he said. “Oh by the way….”

Procyon raised Haruna’s apartment keys. “Got your car keys in the afterlife, HA!”

Haruna Kurosawa shot awake in her own bed and immediately fumbled to her top dresser drawer to...find her house keys missing.

“God dammit.” she said to everything particular about that dream. “Stupid raccoon...” she mutters. “Miss you.”