Don't Listen To Voices (Homura Akemi)

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Don't Listen To Voices (Homura Akemi)
Date of Cutscene: 04 July 2016
Location: Homu House
Synopsis: Homura ignores the voices in her head.
Cast of Characters: Homura Akemi
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

City streets. Crowds dancing. Confetti falling from the sky. Rows of guards with tall black hats wielding pointy spears line the concrete sidewalks.

The crowds part. The witch walks down the street, hands in stocks, dressed in black. A wide-brimmed witch's hat rests upon her head, hiding her eyes.

Children laugh and throw rotten fruit as she passes by, escorted by many dutiful guards, and a tomato knocks the hat from the witch's head. Her eyes are closed. Twin rivers of red have dried on her face.

A pink haired girl darts from the parted crowd, taking the witch by the hand. She is all hope and cheer, radiating a sweet light.

"Homura!" She calls out.

"Homura-chan, dance with me!"

The witch looks at the girl, stopping in her tracks. She studies the girl, admires her, longs for her. The guards yank at her stocks, forcing her feet forward, but the pink girl touches wooden stocks and they dissolve, falling from her hands.

"Homura-chan, dance with me! Come on!"

How could she say no? The witch allows herself to be led away. Where the girl is taking her, there is warmth, and love, and sweetness. The dark destination she was headed towards is forgotten, left behind. The cake remains uneaten.

You are like me.

Huh? What's that?

You are like me, or at least you used to be. How... curious. Maybe you still are?

The witch looks around for the source of this new voice, but doesn't find it. Her hand closes tight around the girl's.

Now now, don't ignore me. Aren't we kindred spirits?

What the he--

Homura wakes up. Alone. In one of the many bedrooms in her new house. She looks over beside her, a little disappointed to remember that her beloved isn't there. She mutters. "There's only one girl I want whispering to me in the middle of the night, and it isn't you."

You remember me already? Why, I should be flattered.

"I doubt you are, though."

Now now, don't be sour. I think we can help each other, you know! You've already helped me a little bit already.

A cloud of purple particles forms around Homura, becoming her Puella Magi henshin. She reaches into her shield, and pulls out a shimmering silver Grief Seed.

There is a moment, truthfully, when Homura considers it. She considers using the Grief Seed and drawing all of the witches out, all at once. It wouldn't just benefit her. It would benefit all of the Puella Magi in Tokyo, wouldn't it?

Or would it? Maybe it wouldn't benefit anyone. Maybe it would just cause a huge fight, all over the city. Not only that, they'd probably all have to fight Hana again, and then Madoka would put herself at risk trying to save Hana, after everything she's been through recently... No, there are too many ways this could go very wrong. She must have been dreaming if she thought this would ever go well.

"I don't want your help, Hana Shiori-san."

So angry. And here I was enjoying being let out for once.

"You are nothing but a Grief Seed to me. Go back to sleep like the rest of the dead."

Ah, but can't I have just one more moment?

Homura throws the Grief Seed back into her shield without a second thought. Her henshin fades, replaced by purple pajamas, and she nuzzles up to her pillow. She has a lot of dreaming to do. Now... where was she? Madoka wanted to dance?

In the infinite space of Homura's shield, the silver Grief Seed brims with self-satisfaction. It didn't go as well as she hoped, but it went much better than expected.

Even if Homura didn't listen to her, she's pretty sure that Madison did.