Dream A Little Dream

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The realm of Dreams is an expansive place. Brimming with the hopes and cherished feelings of countless lives spanning space and time. The denizens of these many lands take on many forms, both fantastic and mundane, but they are sworn to one task.

These dream denizens live to protect the magical place that people go when they sleep, guarding the sleep of countless lives living across various worlds and universes from the terror of Nightmares. Nightmares, twisted and corrupted dreams, warped for the dark and sinister purposes of the Nightmare Prince, seek to take the joy and happiness from each and every dream they can, and feed on the misery they bring with them.

From the weary hearts and minds of both the slumbering folk of the waking world, and the dream denizens, a means of defense arose. Loose groups of protectors banded together with the power of their hopes as their strength, to turn back the tide of the Nightmares in both the land of dreams, and to keep them from gaining enough strength to bleed into the world of the waking. The Nightmare Prince was once the leader of one such group of protectors, but in falling to a great Nightmare and becoming one with it, grew into a being of far more terrible caliber.

Now the Dream Defenders arise, and brimming with hope in the face of darkness, they fight to protect the world from Nightmares both in the land of dreams, and the waking world.