Dreams are for Real (Sierra Earhart)

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Dreams are for Real (Sierra Earhart)
Date of Cutscene: 17 April 2016
Location: Sierra's Bedroom
Synopsis: After a rough night, morning has come and everything is as it should be... except that one thing.
Cast of Characters: Sierra Earhart

The morning sun shines through the balcony window causing Sierra to begin to stir. Her parents are off to church as they usually do on Sunday Mornings. They tried to wake her up for it but there was simply no way of waking her this morning. That was a good two hours ago. Now though, she is waking up.

Everything is as it should be. The warmth of the sun, the softness of the bed, The gentleness of her nighty, The strange thing rubbing her leg, The soft breeze filling her room. Yes Everything is just right. Wait... Strange thing touching her leg...' "AHHHH!! WHAT IS THAT!!!" Thank goodness her parents aren't home.

The person who lives above them, bangs down on the floor. "QUIET DOWN! I WORK NIGHTS!" The rather grumpy voice states before things go quiet again.

Sierra quickly pulls her blanket off to see what in the world is touching her. Then there it is. An Egg. Its a light orange color with brown ribbons going around it. It's marked with little propellers and a golden badge... Pilot wings.

"What... An egg? This is. Why is there an egg in my bed? Easter was weeks a... wait. Easter... Eggs... Guardians... Oh gods." Sierra flops back and rubs her head. "Utau wasn't lying. She was telling the truth. I owe her such an apology." She picks up the egg and just examines it. "I think, maybe I should talk to the Guardians now."

With that, she quickly gets dressed.