Drip Drop (Naru Osaka)

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Drip Drop (Naru Osaka)
Date of Cutscene: 04 September 2016
Location: Earth Court Frat House
Synopsis: The mural painting is progressing well! Perhaps a little too well.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka

The last day of painting before school starts, and the waterfall is taking shape. It’s the first big area to get painted, and mercifully waterfalls have a lot of not orange in them. From a dark plateau, the water appears to swirl and crash over rocks as it tumbles down the wall. The light seems to catch the water, coming from the dark of night at the top, brightening as it comes down along the wall, into a pool of glittery sunlit water. There’s a real sense of movement in the piece, the water active in its path down the wall, coming to stillness in the pool. It’s clearly not entirely done yet, different places have gaps, waiting for the next bits of the whole mural to connect into them.

Naru stands back, considering her work and nods, generally pleased as she cleans up her brushes and heads out shutting the door on the empty apartment.

A little dribble of water slowly slides down the wall from the pool, quietly dripping onto the floor.