Dusk (Norie Okana)

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Dusk (Norie Okana)
Date of Cutscene: 06 April 2016
Location: The Dusk Zone
Synopsis: Norie Gives Up.
Thanks to: Amu Hinamori
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Cold, Dark, Otherworldly-- the Dusk Zone wasn't a particularly pleasant spatial realm to be. Lacrima found herself there now. Just floating, huddled up. She had grasped her legs, knees held up to her chin as she hid her head into them. It gave her something to look at besides the inky blackness surrounding her. She was shaking.

She doesn't know what that girl did to her- it felt like pieces of herself were missing suddenly and here she found herself absorbing energy to repair whatever was gone. She could feel tears down her cheeks- they were cold too- realizations had set in she didn't want to face.

You're not fighting it anymore~ said the voice out loud in the darkness. The voice was deep, dark, feminine, confident always. It caught Lacrima by surprise but only a moment- though her expression hardly changed.

"I'm not." said Lacrima out loud. "I give up. You win."

If that's true, then why are we still here?~ said the voice.

"What /more/ do you want of me? I give up. I'll stop being Norie. I'll just be a monster. That's what you want... isn't it?" said Lacrima as she looked up. Something was staring at her in the dark, with red eyes. She watched it turn away- perhaps whatever it was found her uninteresting. She was. Just another creature- much like itself, probably.

Hardly. said the voice.

Lacrima looked confused and then ultimately, angry--- not sad, not depressed-- angry. "THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT OF ME!?" she yelled into the darkness. It just continued off into the dark--- with nothing to really echo it back in the distance nearby.

At what point have we said stop being the girl? asked the voice. Never. we've merely been trying to get you to understand that the disguise is a /tool/. You go to school. You slip back out. You go home, say hello, go to your room and let it drop. If you're caught- you use your mental domination to make them forget. It really is rather simple.

Lacrima could feel that seeping darkness as it weaved parts of her back together. It made her feel cold. She knew she'd lost /something/ in that fight. She didn't know what. What it was being replaced with felt even more unpleasant. Maybe it was the last little hope she had. Maybe it made it obvious she couldn't be saved-- or be normal again.

Though some sort of clarity snapped into her head... she'd never thought to ask. "We? Are there more than one of you in me?" she suddenly asked.

Oh, do you think we're a separate entity?

"...W-what are you then?" asked Lacrima confusedly.

We. Us. You- and your power. We are what named you and birthed you.

Lacrima could only sit there in more confused feelings as she sunk her head back into her knees. She doesn't know how much longer she needed to languish in this place- but she pleaded to something nameless that it wouldn't be too much longer.

Maybe... maybe it was time to call Riventon-san...