Early Morning Blues (Kyouko Sakura)

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Early Morning Blues (Kyouko Sakura)
Date of Cutscene: 07 July 2015
Location: Abandoned Church
Synopsis: Kyouko is not in good shape after facing Miss White.
Cast of Characters: Kyouko Sakura

A burnt-out church, somewhere in Mitakihara. Abandoned for years. But not tonight. The door slams open and a slender form staggers in. Kyouko Sakura barely makes it through the threshold, using her spear as a crutch, before she sinks to her knees, panting. A shaking hand reaches into the pocket of her dress- shaking badly enough to make the several grief seeds held there clink together as she pulls one out, finger struggling to hold it.

That seed is brought next to her Soul Gem, held in her other hand- normally red, now almost completely black, showing only hints and sparkles of red through the swirling darkness. But when the Grief Seed touches it, that blackness begins to dissipate, sucked into the Seed and out of the Soul Gem, restoring it to its former glittering ruby pureness. Kyouko lets out a relieved sigh. Normally one can cleanse their Soul Gem multiple times with the same Grief Seed before it is expended, but so spent was she that this Seed is now useless. She tosses it aside- Kyubey will find it later.

She gets back to her feet, groaning. Stiff and sore, but steady on her feet now. She dismisses both her spear and her Puella Magi form, returning to being just a girl in shorts and a hoodie. As she walks further into the church, stretching, she gingerly touches one hand to the side of her head letting out an annoyed 'tch' as her fingers come away bloody. That Miss White sure was a tough customer. But Kyouko had no intention of giving in- she was the toughest. She'd proven it time and time again, and she'd prove it again now. She had nothing to worry about.

And yet, why did she feel so unsettled? Come, be part of a 'family', Miss White had said to her. Somewhere to belong, people to look out for you. It sounded.. so nice. But no! Kyouko shook her head rapidly, long ponytail swishing back and forth. She had walked that route before, and it had ended badly for everyone. Caring about people was dangerous. Having family only led to misery. The only one you could count on was yourself, the only one you should care about is yourself. Doing anything else was a recipe for suffering.

But knowing that didn't take away the queasy feeling in her stomach, or silence the part of her insistantly whispering 'maybe it wouldn't be so bad /this/ time'. Snarling suddenly, she lashed out, booted foot smashing into an old rotten pew which exploded into fragments of porous wood. "Dammit! I don't need them. I don't need /anybody/." She mutters.. and then goes to lay down on the frontmost pew, pillowing her head on her arms. All alone in a burnt out, abandoned church. Surely it was better this way.