Easter Adoption (Sachiko Hayakawa)

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Easter Adoption (Sachiko Hayakawa)
Date of Cutscene: 27 March 2016
Location: Kimura Estate, Tokyo, Japan
Synopsis: Sachiko Hayakawa makes the news.
Thanks to: Hoshi Kogane
Cast of Characters: Sachiko Hayakawa

A sleek black Toyota Century slid up to the front gate of a huge Victorian-style estate, followed closely by an obscure news van. Although the grounds remained ravaged by the recent winter storms, there was still a majesty about the place that could not be quelled by mere weather and youma.

The gates--imprinted with the stylized kanji of the household's owner--opened silently, permitting the car and van to glide up the long driveway to the estate's large front walk. The van stopped first, and a cameraman hastily emerged and set up a tripod so he could get the shot of the car pulling to a stop.

A man in an exceptionally put together blue suit emerged from the shadow of the house, strutting like a peacock with a wide smile. He offered a wave to the car as it pulled in, like a man greeting an old acquaintence he hadn't seen in years.

As the car finally came to a stop, the man put a little skip in his step. Excited? Oh of course! His dearest child has finally come home. His daughter, adopted from the horrors of Tokyo's many years of mismanagement.

That, at least, is the story that the news has been reporting of this relatively minor incident. It hasn't received major coverage; Tokyo's gubernatorial election isn't for another two years, after all. But already, whisper speak of City Councilman Kimura Ichirou running for Governor himself during the next election cycle.

And it surely doesn't hurt his chances at a reelection to the Council, either.

Kimura-san opened the door himself, then stepped back and kneeled down like a servant greeting a princess.

And indeed, the girl that steps out of the car only a few moments later may well be one, for all that she's been dressed up. Resplendant in a many-layered pink gown of the gothic lolita fashion, the cinnamon-haired girl bore a ratty teddy-bear in one arm, and a book in the other. On her head, a brass and rose tiara only heightened the royal appearance.

Despite not truly knowing the man who was to become her adoptive father, Hayakawa Sachiko gladly leaned in to give him a hug and a little kiss on the cheek for the camera.

What a world she'd been drawn into, all because of one phonecall.

She didn't know she was being used to further Kimur Ichirou's campaign for governor. All she knew was that she was going to be allowed to go back to dancing. How tragic, the news had reported, that the girl who had lost her mother and her sister in the same storm shouldn't be allowed to dance. It was, after all, her one request!

Nevermind the request to bring her sister back. That one got duly ignored and swept under the rug.

Hand in hand, Hayakawa Sachiko and Kimura Ichirou walked into their home together, to begin a new life as adoptive father and daughter.

Sitting on the porch, a lop-eared creature with beady red eyes looked on. A cat? Some sort of rabbit? Impossible to say, and most of the world didn't really notice him anyways.