Eternal Sky Pirates!

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Theme History: Long ago a crew of Legendary Pirates, led by the Great Admiral, gathered amazing treasures and used them to become not only masters of the sea, but of the horizon. These pirates traveled around the world, and some say further, joined by the idea that everyone's hearts should be as free as the open sky above the sea. But, they found that Darkness started to infect the hearts of some of their pirate brethren, and other people around the world. Greed, envy, fear, and anger wove cages around the hearts of the people, and the freedom-loving pirates under their Great Admiral, decided to fight against these forces

The Legendary Pirates began collecting wisdom and special treasures, and soon they freed the seas from the control of darkness. However, at the height of their power, the Legendary Pirates disbanded and their greatest treasures were scattered to the seven seas. The most iconic of the Pirate Tools artifacts, the Admiral's Tools, were returned to the Great Admiral and not seen again... until now.

One year ago, after an underwater earthquake caused strange weather conditions, several of these tools resurfaced, and when they did one of the Tools' guardians woke up: Davy Jones the Parrot (Davy-chan). These items sleep until they are activated by a determined heart, and when the first item (the Great Admiral’s Lucky Doubloon) was activated by Junko Fuma, its power was like a beacon that told the forces of darkness that those powerful lost treasures might have resurfaced...and now they're determined to find them.

Theme Info: Sky Pirates are those who have found Pirate Tools and have unlocked their power through their determination and courage to stand up for what they believe in. A pirate's goal? Well, that depends on the pirate, but in general they want to find the Lost Treasures before the forces of Darkness do. Lost Treasures are items imbued with power-- the only problem is that 'Power' and 'a person's regard' give off a similar aura. Because of this, treasured items (objects loved by people, like family heirlooms or things admired by the community) can be confused for a Lost Treasure if they are regarded highly enough. After all, as every magical girl knows, peoples' feelings can be its own amazing power.

Thanks to this quirk youma, evil spirits, and the forces of Darkness are now roaming the city, trying to take items that could potentially be Lost Treasures-- from a child’s beloved teddy bear to admired artwork, even well-known landmarks if they can manage. So now it’s up to the inheritors of the Admiral’s Tools-- of any Pirate Tool-- to defend their seas and skies from the forces trying to steal treasures on their watch!

As for what the pirates do when they locate a true Lost Treasure... well, they do need to put the 'magic' back into 'Magic Flying Pirate Fleet.'

Who Is A Pirate?: The theme of the ‘Eternal Sky Pirates’ is that of claiming your inheritance as a crew member of the once-unbeatable Legendary Pirate Fleet (of which Junko Fuma's ship, Endless Skies was the flagship). These pirates believe in Freedom-- the freedom to be yourself and work hard for what you want. Pirates are those willing to fight for this path, even if it goes against everything ‘Everyone’ says is right or wrong. As pirates are historically lawbreakers, it’s a bit of a wilder path than most Magical paths, open to boys and girls, and any Pirate can be as much an anti-hero or villain as they can be a Hero of Justice, Truth, Beauty, etc -- but generally the crew of the Sky Pirates believe in ‘Freedom to do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t take someone else’s freedom to do what they want.’ That is the core of their code of conduct.

Because of this, the common thread between every inheritor of a Pirate’s Tool, however, is that they believe in their heart of hearts that everyone has the freedom to make their own choices, so they don’t stand for things like brainwashing or enslaving others.

"Evil" pirates might still have a Darwinian view of things, though!

Ships: You can't be a pirate without a ship! Well, you can but most pirates would like one anyway. The Legendary Pirates' fleet-ships disappeared like the pirates themselves, and since they were held together by magic any remaining ships are likely in very bad condition unless they were carefully preserved or cared for. And yes, a ship with magical power left DOES fly as well as float. Depending on how badly it's damaged, it might fly better than it floats.

Junko Fuma currently captains the former flagship, Endless Skies. But of course, there might be other pirate ships out there if someone would like to have their own crew, and pirates who don't let themselves get weighed down with a responsibility of a ship (or who are trying to find one, or steal someone else's) are also totally valid possibilities!

Theme Contact: Junko Fuma