Ethics and Exercise (Solomon Novak)

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Ethics and Exercise (Solomon Novak)
Date of Cutscene: 15 January 2016
Location: Rooftops of Tokyo
Synopsis: Solomon muses on the situation with Ikuto as he works on increasing his catboy chasing skills.
Thanks to: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Cast of Characters: Solomon Novak

Solomon decided Ikuto was stupid. He based it on personal experience with doing Bad Things. The parallels between Ikuto stealing dreams and the Guardian Knights stealing life energy were obvious. The Guardian Knights felt they had no choice but to do something Bad for a Good purpose. Ikuto was doing something Bad for what he seemed to think was a Bad purpose - that's what was stupid.


Not bad, Solomon thought in regards to his training. He was recovering from the landings faster and more accurately gauging his limits. It wasn't enough though; he needed to reach the point where he wouldn't break stride before or after each leap to have any hope of keeping up with the part-time catboy. Solomon figured he felt duty bound to support his leader or he was being forced to assist somehow.


That last one was a bit close for comfort. One inch shorter and his heel wouldn't have made it onto the edge of the roof. If he had to give chase to Ikuto again he would be in Guardian form, but for training he felt a teenager in ordinary clothes leaping across rooftops would be less conspicuous. He even had a water bottle, an "I Pod," and a stopwatch with him, because that was how people in Tokyo determine if someone running is an athlete instead of a criminal.

Ikuto was making the wrong choice, regardless of which scenario he was in. He should be fully committed if he agreed with the cause or he should be actively sabotaging it if he was participating against his will. Solomon suspected he was one of the few people who could give the dream-thief proper advice. So he pushed himself harder, running faster, so that when the time came he'd be in a position to help Ikuto. Or kill him.


A slip on the leap meant he wasn't going to fully clear the alley below. He wasn't even going to be able to grab the ledge of the building he had jumped towards. That was fine though; he just needed to transform to minimize injuries.

"To protect Innocence, I am Guardian Sol-"


At least nobody saw that.