Everything in Pieces (Ami Mizuno)

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Everything in Pieces (Ami Mizuno)
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2015
Location: Ami's Home
Synopsis: Ami Mizuno plans for the Orphanage Trap, only to discover a hidden piece of the puzzle all too late.
Thanks to: Kunzite, for being such an amazing villainous lead
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno

As the first rays of sunshine reflected off of Tokyo harbor and into the city, Ami Mizuno awoke. She sat up in bed, dressed in a frilly-laced blue nightgown and threw back several layers of comforter and blanket. Opening up her window, Ami smiled at a quintet of birds that have nested near the warm class and put her chin in her hands. A big smile crossed the girl's features as she greeted the birds. "Good morning!"

The birds flew off into the morning, startled by her sudden greeting. Ami merely smiled and hopped out of bed. She headed towards her closet to find something to wear for the day. Downstairs the smell of cooking eggs drew Ami's attention, and her eyes widened in surprised pleasure. "Momma!".

After dressing in a pretty, fur-lined blue dress, Ami rushed down the stairs to spend a pleasant morning with her mother. Breakfast and talk of schoolwork, swim team, and upcoming chess meets. These are the things normal girls do every day of their life, but for Ami Mizuno they are a rare and precious treat.

All too soon, however, the idyllic morning came to a close, as her mother went up to bed after a long shift at the hospital. Despite the long hours, Ami was still determined to someday be a doctor, herself. Even if she didn't see her mother much, Ami still considered Saeko Mizuno to be a hero.

But becoming a woman like her depended upon making it that far. As her mother's door closed, Ami walked into the livingroom and booted up the Mercury Computer. Setting aside the pleasures of childhood, Sailor Mercury set back into work that tied her stomach in knots. Only a few hours left before everything would fall apart; Mercury still had work to do.

* * * * *

Sailor Mercury: Specialist in ice magic and battlefield strategy. "King's Rook."

Sailor Mars: Specialist in fire magic and exorcisms. Intuitive and impressively sensitive. She has a hot temper, but she always turns it on the right targets, and is absolutely dependable in a fight. Her fire burns extremely hot, and may be one of the strongest offensive powers available in our arsenal. "Queen's Bishop."

Sailor Jupiter: Specialist in physical combat and defensive guarding. Absolutely reliable, but does not innovate without reassurance. The perfect bodyguard. "Queen's Rook."

Sailor Venus: Specialist in ensnarement and control magic. Seems flighty and unreliable, but it's definitely a mask for a clever mind that wants to be underestimated. Seems to operate on her own agendas and plans, but can be guided with a subtle hand. "Queen's Knight."

Asclepius: Specialist in translocation and regenerative magic. His ability to teleport seems limited to one or two at a time, but is instantaneous and innovative. If given a calm environment, he can also heal, but his self-doubt makes this ability unreliable under heavy duress. Also able to project his power offensively? Uncertain outcomes, needs more study. "King's Knight."

Platinum Royale: Specialist in defensive magics. His Holy Crown is easily as strong as Tuxedo Kamen's cloak, and covers an area large enough to fit a car in. Maybe a house. He can also channel this power offensively, but his Holy Justice seems less accurate and reliable. Platinum Royale himself is driven by a will to defend and care for those around him. Dependable, but young and less able to adapt on his own. "King's Bishop".

Tuxedo Kamen: Defensive cloak, healing powers, possibly other abilities. Defensive and quick-thinking. Best when allowed to take action at his own discretion, but then, he's one-half of the entire point. "King."

Sailor Moon: Focus on purification and emotional magic. Sailor Moon is the glue that binds us ...

* * * * *

Mercury stared at her entries for the upcoming battle plan. She leaned back, eyes widening with a horror that slowly took hold. "No," she whispered to herself. "Oh God, no, please let me be wrong." She already knew she was right. Conclusions like these were inevitable and irrefutable. That didn't stop Sailor Mercury from immediately digging into her notes, praying to find some shred of contradictory evidence.

* * * * *

"I saw a prince, noble, and armed like a knight. I saw a princess, who I can only presume to be the Moon Princess. I saw a great disaster strike the Earth, and I saw the prince bleeding in the arms of the princess. She was weeping."

"We have reason to think that prince was you."

"Wait. No. I've been looking for the Princess for a year and a half. If the prince is supposed to be drawn to the princess, and there's still no princess anywhere, then I can't possibly be the prince."

"Truthfully, I believe the princess is more hidden than any of you were in the beginning."

"I don't think there's any chance he's not related. He might be key to finding the princess."

If I don't make it back, swear to me that you will protect her. On your life.

I swear it. I always have.

"What you are is the best encourager I know. The best motivator. The best friend. Sailor Mercury would be worthless without your love and encouragement. She'd be so lost and unsure of what to do. She'd never manage anything on her own. But your strength--your love, your belief in me--is so strong ... Usagi-chan, I sometimes feel like I can do anything, because of you."

Some kind of weird energy wavelength chart is displayed on the television, titled 'Power Output of Moon Healing Escalation'. "That," Ami says, pointing to the chart, "is the strongest energy reading I have ever catalogued. And that is the power of your love."

"Before you awakened, I didn't even know I was Tuxedo Kamen. Then I figured it out but I wasn't always aware of it, and I was breaking into jewelry stores and museums in my sleep, and I didn't especially want to tell anyone. That stopped when Usako henshined for the first time, and my dreams changed. I started dreaming about war, and always the Princess asking me for the Ginzuishou ... And I was falling for Usako and Sailor Moon ... telling me it was inappropriate to pursue Usa because of the Princess ..."

"We weren't reborn to live the same story over again. That story ended badly, from what I can tell. Things have to change, and if one of those things is you not dating the moon princess, who am I to say the outcomes? I don't even have a proper idea of what happened back then to make the comparison. I still don't know your role in that history, Mamoru-no-kimi. But Usagi-chan is the best thing that has ever happened to me in this life, and if you make her happy, then I support everything you two have."

"She's my most important person, and nothing can keep us apart."

* * * * *

Ami sat back and stared at her notes. Every note, every thought, every word all pointed to the same conclusion. Every single shred of evidence was telling her the same story, and she'd missed it all along. How could she possibly have missed something so glaringly obvious. Sitting back against the couch, Ami stared up at the data one last time, then reached up and turned off the screen.

"We weren't reborn to live the same story over again," Ami said aloud to the empty air. "But we're doing it anyways. Oh, Usagi-chan. How do I save you?"