Evolution of Resolution (Yuuki Oshiro)

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Evolution of Resolution (Yuuki Oshiro)
Date of Cutscene: 18 December 2016
Location: Yuuki Oshiro's Home
Synopsis: After the second encounter with the Heart's Desire Lost Logia, Yuuki is beating herself up. Even in the darkness though a ray of light slips through.
Cast of Characters: Yuuki Oshiro
Tinyplot: Heart's Desire

The journey home was largely uneventful for Yuuki Oshiro. After hanging out with Sakura and Yuzuki at the Midori-ya Cafe, She quietly made her way home still carrying a heavy heart over the fact that she was unable to prevent the necklace from hurting another person. Whats worse, She had the thing dead to rights and she attacked it. Sakura attacked it. There is no way it should have been left unscathed. Yet not only was it left unscathed, It flat out left. So once again, The Heart's Desire is in the wind and there is no way of actually tracking it. All she can do is wait for the device that Nanoha gave her to actually go off again.

Quietly, Yuuki entered her home. It was late. Her mom was awake and very worried about her. After a lecture concerning not letting her know where she is and what not, The young girl has made her way to her bedroom. There in the silence of the night, Her own thoughts ring out to her own device. < I am such a failure, Shining Star. I should have had it! It was right there. We were so close and I failed.>

The device responds to her, speaking to her mind, < Sister, you must not blame yourself. Lost Logia are very powerful. This item has been around for several hundred years. As strong as you are, you are still a novice. You still have much to learn. It would be strange if you managed to take it down so easily. >

Yuuki sighs and shakes her head, < Easy? I used my most powerful attack on it and it didn't do a thing! If its this strong, then it will take someone really strong like Nanoha-chan to bring it down. I can't do anything to stop it. > She frowns and rubs her head.

< Sister, what have you learned from Nanoha so far? > The Device responds.

< Well she taught me the basics of fighting. She umm hit me with that huge spell. > She thinks a little as she considers. < Oh! There was that thing where she was telling me how important Math is and that it will come in handy when creating my own spells. >

< Sister, Your strongest attack was not strong enough. What must you do? > Shining Star is improving as far as teaching goes it seems.

Yuuki blinks and her jaw drops, "I have to get stronger." She speaks out and quickly covers her mouth. Quietly she grabs a tablet and begins writing stuff down. < Shining Star? I need you to teach me the math needed to really understand Midchildan magic. Not just working it. >

< Sister, the basis has been taught to you already. I will continue to teach you though. Warning, this is very difficult. Step one is to figure out what you want a spell to do. >

Yuuki thinks a moment. Quietly she begins writing. 'Impact Event'