Extreme Table Flipping (Takashi Agera)

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Extreme Table Flipping (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 10 August 2015
Location: Eclipse Labs
Synopsis: Mamoru cut in on a dance. Takashi is upset.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Outwardly, Takashi had managed to hold himself in check for the rest of the Gala. Barely. Mentally he'd been on the brink all night, though.

The nerve of that Chiba boy - stepping in on his dance. Then refusing to take responsibility. Damned civilian, getting in the way of plans that he knew nothing about. And the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He had to leave the Gala early, and headed to his lab. But he managed to hold himself until that heavy door slammed and locked behind him.

And then, safe from the judging of the world for any sort of percieved immaturity, he /loses it/. "How DARE he." Takashi screams at nothing in particular, grabbing a crystal from his desk in a fit of rage and HURLING it across the room, whereupon it shatters and leaks a cloud of dark energy. "Who the hell does he think he is? Who does he think /I AM/?!" The crystal is followed in its flight path shortly by two vials of various chemicals, and then an entire laptop.

"That smug moron! The next time he dances will be with his own corpse!" Does it make any sense? Nope. But that's not the point.

So much rage has been pent up over the last few hours - the smirk of the upperclassman combined with Takashi's inability to actually retaliate in any way due to the presence of Eclipse's management has caused all of the anger in his heart to fester into uncontrolled rage, and for once, he's unable to hold it under control.

In fact, he is so upset, and putting so much violent force into his actions and words that his device actually believes he is in combat! And as Takashi goes to kick a table in frustration, he is forcibly henshined by his device as a defensive action - causing the kick to be delivered with the full force of his power.

It actually hits the celing, and the loud thud causes Takashi to actually take stock of what he's doing and take some huge breaths and calm down. The voice of his father actually comes into his mind.

"Anger isn't bad. Use it. Use that power. Turn it to ends that will allow you to crush the source of your anger." Yes, that's what he needs to do. He's been slacking off, obviously. He's behind schedule. If he had all of the power he's reaching for, nobody would cut in on a dance - he wouldn't have to worry about anyone's reactions.

He understands the source of his anger now. It's got little to do with the cut-in itself - and everything to do with the fact that he should be powerful enough that nobody would dare do anything against his wishes. He looks at the mess he's made now, still breathing heavily, dismissing his henshin.

He's going to have to replace that laptop. And Mamoru Chiba will still have to pay for this transgression.