Face the Facts (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Face the Facts (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 29 January 2016
Location: Haruna's Infinity Dorm Room
Synopsis: Haruna and Corvus have a talk about bonds and Cute Wolves and Odd Foxes.
Thanks to: Ikiko, Ayana
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

"Hey Gull, we need to have a talk about a thing." said Corvus. Haruna was busy tapping at a computer keyboard. She was looking up recipes. She peeked over to Corvus, who perched on the side of her 'Big Gulp' styled mug she had around the computer.

"Yeah? Everything okay? I'm not giving you more allowance if you bet it all at your silly mascot poker game~" she teased. Corvus shook his head. "Nah. I didn't go to poker last night. I spoke with the Cute Wolf, actually."

Haruna sighed loudly and pushed away from the keyboard. "Okay. Sure." she crossed her arms. "So you gonna try to tell me the same stuff she said?...." she asks, adamantly.

Corvus shook his head. "No, I just think that there's been a miscommunication somewhere." he said. "Not a lecture! But---" he said. Haruna kept her arms crossed. "But?". Corvus shook his head.

"So I have it on good authority that Ayana wasn't acting herself when she told you about the Cute Wolf. She said that, what happened was an accident that- Ayana was trying to keep Wolf safe- and something happened... a sort of... bond." Corvus said.

Haruna crossed her arms she seem defiantly, but ready to listen. "Ayana was SUPER upset!" she said.

Corvus nods. "Ayana was overpowered by dark energy. Wasn't /I/ super upset like that? Wasn't I willing to tell you lies when I was?" he asks curiously. He was trying, super hard, to make some sort of parallel for Haruna to grasp onto. Haruna let this stew well. The Cute Wolf did /mention/ something like that.

"Alright..." said Haruna. "...even if that /is/ true- then-- shouldn't you be responsible and make sure you're not controlling someone before doing the dating thing!?" she asks.

Corvus shakes his head. "It wasn't like that. It was more like..." he said softly. "...don't you remember? That night? When I stole your so---"

Haruna's tone grew suddenly dark. "Don't even think about comparing that to it!" she said sternly. Corvus shakes his head. "Well it's what happened, whether you believe it or not Haruna. Pretty much the exact same thing, but /both/ ways this time." he said sternly.

She crossed her arms and frowned at the seagull.

Corvus merely crossed his wings and stared. There was an awkward silence.

Haruna huffs! "You know I kicked her across Uminari like a football with a fuzzytail, right!?"

Corvus kept his stance, unwavering.

Haruna finally sulked back into the chair and hrmphs! "W--well it's not like I knew...." she muttered. "And--- Ayana-chan was really hurt that night and I'm still not sorry I helped her!" she hrmphed!

Corvus shook his head. "No one's saying you did anything /wrong/ Haruna. Just. Maybe you should say your sorry...."

Haruna hrmphed...

Corvus added. "...and make sure the burger guy knows the real score!"

Haruna ughed!

Corvus frowned, crossing his arms again.

Haruna finally relented. "Ugh... fine. I guess I get it now... I'll... I'll say I'm sorry and clear things up with the burger guy."

Corvus nodded. "And that's all!" he beams. "That wasn't too hard was it?" he asked with a coy smile.

Haruna rolled her eyes. "Like /pulling teeth/." she insisted with her own coy smile.