Fallen Petals (Hana Shiroi: The Fifth Dream)

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Fallen Petals (Hana Shiroi: The Fifth Dream)
Date of Cutscene: 07 June 2007
Location: Japan
Synopsis: Hana and Kyubey have a chat.
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

Beginning the week of November 14th, some magical denizens of Tokyo begin to have a series of rather odd dreams. These dreams are incredibly vivid, almost like watching a movie, and upon comparing notes, those who do so will find their dreams to be exactly the same in every respect. They occur on the same nights, and every detail is identical for those who have them, as if the same movie was played in everybody's heads.

((OOC Note: These dreams are opt-in. They are related to a developing TP. Any magical denizen of Tokyo could possibly have them, especially those strongly tied to dreams, but it is equally possible your character does not have them. It is completely up to you to decide.))

The Fifth Dream:

Night, somewhere in Japan. A city, although likely not Tokyo judging by the lack of familiar landmarks.

A young woman sits on the edge of a roof, staring out over the city before her. All in white, with flowers decorating her outfit, it is obviously Hana. Equally obvious is that some time has passed since the last dream- she is older, perhaps sixteen.

Though her outfit is the same, her general appearance the same, she is markedly different from the girl seen in previous visions. Her dark eyes seem cold pools of shadow, her expression flat, her skin pallid, nearly the color of her outfit.

She is playing with something in her hands- a trio of Grief Seeds, clinking against each other as they dance between her fingers.

A small shape detaches itself from the shadows behind her. White and cat-like, Kyubey slinks around her, pausing for a moment to regard something- the largest flower on her outfit, at her waist, has a white gem glimmering faintly at its center. Her Soul Gem. It swirls with darkness; not catastrophically, but perhaps half light, half dark.

After looking at it for a moment with his unblinking pink eyes, Kyubey pads up next to the Puella, and sits. “Good evening, Hana Shiroi. I see you have been hunting successfully.”

Dark eyes glance down at the little creature, then away again, without a visible change of expression. When she speaks, Hana’s voice is chillingly familiar to those who have encountered the White Flower in the present: that same neutral, level tone that seems to speak of a lack of concern, an utter ambivalence towards the world. It’s still higher, lighter than her voice in current times- she is still younger than she had appeared during her attack on Tokyo. But the tone is the same.

“There are a lot of Witches in this town, Kyubey. It’s not hard to be successful.”

“I imagine not. Especially when you do your best to starve out all the other Puella.” Kyubey says in return, his own voice equally lacking in fervor, though with that ever-present almost gleeful chipperness. “I’ve noticed over the past year or so, that you no longer ever completely purify your Soul Gem. You leave it half-darkened, only purifying it enough to keep away from the edge. Why is that? If it ever goes dark all the way, you’ll die, you know.”

“The darkness comforts me.” Comes the even-toned reply, Hana’s eyes still fixed on the city below her. “It lets me do what I need to do. To survive. To stay.. Me. This world eats purity, Kyubey. The innocent can’t survive in it. Walking the edge is the best way. I’ve learned that.”

“Don’t you feel bad, though? You’ve killed quite a few Puella, by now, either directly or by taking their Grief Seeds.” Kyubey licks at a paw, his tone curious but his posture radiating unconcern. “You used to cry, but I haven’t seen you cry in a long time.”

Hana pauses, glancing down at him again. When she speaks, there is some heat in her tone for the first time this evening. “I used to feel bad. But they could never accept me. They always wanted me to be.. Something else. It’s not right to try and force someone to be something they aren’t. They deserved what they got, all of them.”

“You say that,” Kyubey says, “But you’re very different from when I first met you, Hana Shiroi. How can you say that it is wrong for them to want you to change, when you have changed so much?”

“I have changed,” Hana allows after a moment, the heat gone from her voice again. “But I’m still me. I’m still the same as I was. I just didn’t know, before. I was naive. Who I am now.. Is who I always was, just without the lies and the fluff that people say to comfort themselves. I’m better off without it. I am who I am.. And who I’ll always be.”

“Who you’ll always be.” Kyubey echoes, nodding his little head. “After all.. That was your Wish.”